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Friday, March 24, 2006


nvr have i been so was a super tired day..slept at 4..woke at 6 plus...den 7 plus den finally 8 yes..i spent like half the day sleeping while i was out..haha.. =P sorry ah ah mu..i was really v tired la..ha..sorry...

so after our stop to shatec,we went to my dental appt den after tt to chinatown juz 4 swenson's..haha..den after tt to np 4 my notebk fair...den after tt i met up with yu wen n we went to sizzler...omg..senior is so aniwaes..we left sizzler at 6 plus n went to toa payoh..went to popular coz yu wen wanna buy thing...ate dinner at kou fu which totally sucked..ugh...den went hm to watch xing shan shan...haha..

n er..i really wanna thank ah mu 4 accompanying me the whole day today..i no u were tired too...n u needed to ya...really thank you! jia you 4 ur exams oh! =))

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corny but true.

1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.

9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

11. There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you ha! ve to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

12. Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you.

13. Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

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indeed...doreen did come to sizzler to eat ytd...together with li wen..haha..they 2...nth to do come sizzler disturb mi..haha...den eat SO much until cannot fin den ask mi eat...bad pp...haha..

work sucks today but nvm..i'm nt petty..haha..

tmr is going to be a gd day. =)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

whahaha!i'm high...haha...dun worry...i'm nt drunk...nt like tt addict!! woke up early early meet yu wen,kelly,doreen n kim...den we went to eat fei cui breakfast...den after tt we went to balastier's civil service club hse...go pool...den after tt go until damn stupid kim..bian tai 1..haha...

after tt we went to marina square!! kim decided against going to ikea...crazy we went marina square...we go eat cafe cartel...yes...we laughed at the waiter coz of his lousy skills...ha...den after tt we went to watch V FOR damn nice show lo!!haha...can't really describe wat kinda show it is...but it is actually a novel...but itz really really damn nice!!!A MUST WATCH!!so touching lo...oh man...ha...aniwaes...after the show we went to the toilet...crazy de lo they all!!toilet oso wanna snatch with mi!kns!!haha...den gt this ger cut my queue summor lo!!tok gong!!den after tt went arcade...saw a huai ren dere..ugh...use my phone like free lidat lo...3 calls!!!omg...after tt went shopping lo...saw nth nvr buy lo..den tt doreen...childish untillll...haha...keep on trying to zap mi with her static lo...crazy...haha...den mi,reen,kim n kelly squeeze into a bench...yu wen refuse to sit..haha...i sat on doreen's lap..haha...den we play until damn siao...den passer bys tot we were les...haha....

so after tt we went to chomp chomp n tt beer addict order 3 bottles of heineken lo!haha...den she herself drink 1 n half bottle liao lo...haha...den mi n reen the other half...but i drink more than her la..haha..yes...i turned red...haha...den we played water fight..haha...c...all these childish pp..haha...still gt pp stare at us n laugh at us lo..haha...tok gong ma..haha..

tmr tt doreen is going to sp with li wen den after tt mayb coming sizzler =D

danced on the moon at 11:00 pm.

Monday, March 20, 2006

today i'm supposed to meet yu wen n kelly at 9...but i seriously was too tired to wake up so early...sry!! i woke at 12.40...haha...n met yu wen at 2.15...den we go eat long john...coz tt yu wen so wanna eat it!!haha...den after tt went to take her photo den meet up with doreen at city hall...stupid woman still hide behind the sign board...crazy...ha...den after tt went went to talk den we go adidas!!haha...i'm still thinking whether i wanna go buy the slipper...hmmm....decided nt to buy the nike shirt...doesn't look nice on mi...ha....den after tt we went to the food fair...i gt 1 word 4 it..speechless...haha...wth food fair was tt?all the food literally asked mi to revolt cannot decribe how i felt la...haha...den tt crazy yu wen n doreen play in the toilet summor...tsk tsk...childish...haha....den after tt we all went hm..haha...i tell u!!we 3 sit the shuttle bus to n fro to city hall n suntec ma..den we r so considerate lo!haha...we 3 squeeze into a 2 seater lo!haha...we r all so skinny!!haha...

so aniwaes...we r going out again tmr!!haha...we 3 going out with kim n kelly tmr coz kim wanna go ikea...den after tt we go marina square!!haha...we meet at doreen is so gonna be late...i wanna wish yu wen gd luck in trying to wake her up tmr..haha

danced on the moon at 9:54 pm.

i suddenly miss billy a lot.hai.looking forward to seeing you again nxt yr.make sure you dun get urself a yang nui bk hor!haha..miss ya loads!

danced on the moon at 2:18 am.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

wha!today is the 1st day i sleep until so shuang!!haha...i slept till 12.40 pm!whahahaha...but i slept at 3 aniwaes...went to sizzler 1st today with ming liang to check my schedule n get kim's kun.ming tai(he shaved!=D).jeremy.xiao jun.biwei.chris.steven.haha...tok a lot of crap dere b4 i left...den went to adidas n nike...i see wat i want alr..haha..when's pay day?! i went to bugis kinokuniya..the place is lao ya untilllll i search so long can onli find 1 bk...den i went to taka de...find v long coz damn big...haha...but in the end found all the books la..heng...ha...

going out with hua on sat to swim..ha..9.30...let's c if doreen will be punctual...dun say nvr give her chance..haha... =D

oh ya..going bk to sizzler on sat too..muz go eat fish n fries!haha....coz tai tai is doing fryer on tt day!haha..btw...i'm wearing his stupid bracelet now...haha...

danced on the moon at 9:06 pm.

nicholas is a boy.serious.i've nvr seen such a childish person like him.grow up boy!


danced on the moon at 1:44 am.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

today is a super bz day at sizzler...4 so damn bz...i dunno how i ended up doing up beverage...but i did...n beverage kena nvr jam until damn jia lat...n then in the midst of doing beverage..xiao kun suddenly appeared n held a half chix infront of mi to eat..ha..shocked but thanks =)

den during the non peak hour..this family came in n thay damn kp 1 lo!!they come in liao den complain say our voucher eng nt good...they mistook the meaning of it...then they complain tt sizzler gt a lot nt sharing...den they make a lot noise say wanna manager...kns...they really v rude lo!!kns..den they left cursing us lo!wth?!i damn pissed with them lo!lucky i nvr serve them lo..if nt i sure scold them...kns...think they eng good liao bu qi...i juz nvr open my mouth onli ah...drown them with pearly's vocab ah...kns...nvm...i shall nt down grade myself to them same level as them...

aniwaes..i wanna praise xiao kun today!!haha...he's damn good...haha...he help kelly carry the heavy heavy tub to the bk when nobody help her..haha...den he help us change the garbage bag when it was v heavy..den he fed my half chix n kid's fish...den helped mi with sanitazing...den he helped salad bar...helped floor....aiya..he damn good today can alr la..haha...damn shuai man!woo! ah!wo xin shang ni!haha..

today closed damn late coz all the customers refuse to leave...wth?whole section nvr leave lo!10.30 alr sit there n tok till so happy..siao...

oh hui hui..ying wen n li wen came sizzler eat!haha...but i din have time to really go dere tok to them coz i damn bz...hai..aniwaes...i'll msg u when i off nxt wk hui hui! =D

danced on the moon at 1:54 am.

Friday, March 17, 2006

y is everybody ard mi so screwed up by relationship problems during this period?hai..this is so depressing..well...all i hav to say to hui hui n sana n mel is....boat reach bridge head naturally straight..of coz...while waiting 4 it to become straight...u all have to communicate with ur partners..ttz the key point..coz without it...u can wait 4 eons oso the boat wun b straight..n of coz...u nid to trust in urself n in ur partner...listen to ur heart n think tt is this really wat u want...make a decision n go 4 it...if u nid time den take time...dun nid to rush into wat u think is right...believe in urself k?smilez!

n 4 my dearest darling...dun b fooled by tt idiot!!he's juz a despo jerk!dun care bout him!!guys n their sweet talk...ugh...nvr a good combination!must gt motive 1...stay away frm him!!!dun b so stupid again!!!

so 2 u wat u think is right..coz wat i say may nt wat u wanna do or listen to...the final choice is still up to u all...mine is juz opinions...but aniwae juz rmb tt i'll be here 4 u! =)

danced on the moon at 2:08 am.

went to kinokuniya with kim today to get her books...this girl clever buy nicholas sparks =D so aniwaes...after tt went to kenny roger's..damn disgusting lo!wha kao...nvr in my life did a eat a piece of chicken so horrid..oh man...i wonder how it survived till now...

went to sizzler after...reached at 2 plus...supposed to work at 5...den most tok gong part is..they ask mi start work xian qi my pants n apron summor...humph!haha...zao zhi dao dun go so early pants n apron were filled with white stuff from the i got to wear kelly's pants...n her pants r tight untillllllllll wha...i dunno how she can tahan man...i wear alr immediately gao wei lo..den itz so damn tight fitting it sticks to ur skin...once i come out frm changing tt stupid steven c alr say..' ah...' kns..idiot!den frm there after he gave mi a new nickname call 'xing gan xiao shao nu' -_- kns...

today tt stupid allan wanted to giv mi a ride hm thanks man...i can take public transport..i'm borned 4 it motor with blading old man 4 mi...ugh...even the tot of it is revolting...gosh...den he keep on hitting mi like i v cooked with him lidat den keep on say i sexy...kns...kelly!is all ur pants de fault!!wha lau eh...plz keep ur eyes 2 urself...i dun nid extra attention frm leering old man...

after work went to eat with kin n stupid senior cheat my feelings!say wanna sit mrt with mi den last min run..kns...humph!suan le...kan zai u meeting other pp de fen shang rao le ni..humph!!rmb to shave ah!lang aniwaes...went to lor 5 n eat with them...den after tt on my walk hm with kim...something damn tok gong happened..we were mobbed by an army of xiao qiangs!!omg!!scared the shits out of mi lo...kaoz...lucky i nvr scream sia..if nt damn pai seh...wha seh....really a lot lo!!oh man!!rampage ah!!where is pest control?!lucky we pao de kuai man..oh man...scare mi lo...they run so fast!!think alr oso scared..ew..

tt kelly n jia jia liang teh...scandalous...

danced on the moon at 1:39 am.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

ok..frm nw on..i shall try to use perfect english to as to nt let pearly's teaching go dwn the drain..haha

went out with kelly n kim after america's nxt top model n simple life to lor 5 to eat supper juz kelly..v naive indeed..ha..shall nt say it out hear..later embarrass her reached hm at 1...watched yu le bai fen bai...went to detox n then here i m nw...

will be meeting reen n kim tmr?ha..nt v sure..i totally 4gt tt i'm working night shift tmr..n i still tell doreen this afternoon tt 3 plus is fine with mi...oh my...oh dear...haha...shall c how ba..

ok...after this attempt..i think...i failed miserably in trying to perfect my this shall be the 1st n last attempt in trying to make pearly sorry miss lim...i seriously can't write well without ra..haha...

oh n btw...i really did NOT write ra stuff 4 my o levels compo (though i was tempted to) but no i didn't!how cum nobody believes mi?!haha..

danced on the moon at 2:28 am.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

since i'm doing all these crappy stuff nw..i tot mayb i'll juz dig out 1 of my old entry to let u all c again since itz kinda related to wat i blogged juz nw..enjoy!haha..

things that irritate me to the core:

1.GUYS with LONG fingernails
2.GUYS with LONG n DIRTY fingernails
3.pp hu msg HALFWAY den NVR reply
4.pp hu NVR reply AT ALL
5.pp hu take their OWN SWEET TIME to reply
6.pp with SO MANY colours on their hair
7.pp with SO MANY CLASHING colours on their hair
8.pp with NO fashion sense AT ALL
9.pp hu sit in front of their com ALL DAY GAMING
10.pp hu ACT like they know all
11.pp hu PRESSUME
12.pp hu ACT qing gao
14.GUYS hu DUN DARE to express their feelings
15.GUYS hu refuse to part with their money
16.GUYS hu r UNgentlemenly
17.GUYS hu r LOUD
18.GUYS hu r HUM JI
20.pp hu talk HALFWAY den say NTH

danced on the moon at 10:46 pm.

i'm i'm doing this..i no i'm supposed to do this like in december but..nvm la..better late than nvr..coz i've been tagged AGAIN!!

1st tag by kim in december last yr =X

Post 5 weird or random stuff about urself n at the end of it all list down 5 other names whom u wan nxt to do this.

5 facts about mi..get ready to be amused.

1. i gain 2 kg each yr since sec 1 =X
2. i hate to be gets worse when in the dark.
3. yes...i love to detox.the toilet IS my 2nd hm.
4. i'm totally freaked by xiao qiang n gang.
5. i love my friends =)

2nd tag by sana today

The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.need to mention the gender of their li xiang qing ren.

of coz my perfect lover will be a guy!duh!though i love my gfs but i'm straight ok?

1. no long n dirty fingernails please.
2. fit..hands preferbly with veins showing.if nt damn gu niang.
3. sum1 whom i can relate best bud.
4. sum1 hu nos mi inside out.understanding n simpler terms
5. have a resonable fashion sense.
6. no smoking please.
7. gentlemanly.
8. sum1 hu loves mi 4 hu i m =)

those tt r tagged.
1.sana (u muz do the 1st lo!dun tink u can escape!whahaha! =P )
5.hui hui
8.beng beng

happy tagging! =P

danced on the moon at 10:31 pm.

hai..the little ironies of life...

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hey ah mu..this is specially dedicated to you =)


the path ahead is dark
with that much confidence
you're insecure

you've got bitten
once bitten twice shy
you fear the darkness that lurks
you don't wish for it

you may feel afraid
you may feel insecure
but whenever darkness engulfs
i'll be the light
that shows you the way

so don't be afraid
neither insecure
because i'll be your light
i'll be here for you

fang xin WUN happen to us de...promise k? =) smile!hope this little poem i made up 4 u will cheer u up..itz nth but..ha..juz hope u like it u loads! =)

danced on the moon at 11:26 pm.

today went bk 4 was ok..ha...but at least met up with some peeps =D 1st time i heard a sad jingle bells...haha...amazing wat beatty band can do...haha....

aniwaes..sorry kim!last min pull section seriously needed help...sorry!!

wanna thank shirley..accompanied mi till my bus came..cheer up girl!things will turn out fine!believe in urself...i no how u man lai.. =)

danced on the moon at 9:59 pm.

i was name is damn can b broken up into 2 different names n i noticed the different grps of pp..haha..

those pp tt call mi carol - family
4.ah mu
7.ming tai
12.ah choi

those pp tt call mi lyn - sec sch friends
3.yu wen
5.khee rui

weird...can anibodi tell mi how they classify my name?hMmMmm...i used to think onli family will call mi carol..but it seems i'm seems like most of sizzler pp oso like to call mi carol..ha..interesting..

danced on the moon at 2:38 am.

look at senior's stubbles..i've been nagging at him to get them shaven..haha

laugh at her hair!

try me.


me n ya lots! =)

danced on the moon at 1:55 am.

today kena woke up by beng beng's 8 plus when i slept at 4plus when i woke up i saw 2 msg..1 is ah mu...1 is beng beng...den i msg both of them until i 4 band tmr!beng beng!!den met up with ah mu to go sorry!!!made u late 4 work today..i no u most dun like is so so so sorry!!u still wanna pay half of the fare...i v guilty lei!!i alr put the 5 bucks in ur pencil box le...sorry ah!!really sorry kor!!

happy bdae daddy! =D today kelly n yu wen cum bk to celebrate daddy's bdae...haha...great cake!haha

so...whole day was v slow la...den i was having mood swings...damn kns man...argh...i hate this face was so sian tt ming tai tot i angry with him..den he dun dare tok to mi...but actually..i'm nt la...i juz dun feel like sorry ya..

hai...wat the hell is wrong with mi sia...oh man..i suck...freaking terrible mood swing..ugh ='(

aniwaes...really wanna thank ah mu 4 being dere 4 mi..thanks kor...words cannot describe how thankful i m..but 1 thing's 4 sure...u're the best =) love u lots! =)

going 4 band tmr...finally i'm meeting up with sl..sana..hx..beng beng n ulfred!oh man!i miss u guys so much sia!!n i'm finally going to play my horn tmr..after so exciting! u guys lots!! =)

danced on the moon at 12:11 am.

Monday, March 13, 2006

hello everybody!i'm bk!whahaha...aniwaes...lemme tell u my story...

sat 11/3
super busy day at sizzler...i did beverage n 1st time i c sizzler nt enuff cups...tok gong!ha..but i rmb when those at 3 break i was at their section clearing the table..den coz those tt break at 3 drink a lot of soup ma..den their table gt a lot of soup bowls,cups n plates need to clear la...coz i was at the table nxt to them i over heard them saying tt pass their things to mi to clear la...den i oso ok de ma...coz i wasn't carrying much plates at tt time..but then i heard ah mu say ' men bu yao qi fu ta la...ta shi wo gan mei lei' den he clear those things himself...den i damn shocked...haha...i nvr expect him to do such a thing..haha..den i was oso v touched n i juz wanna say thanks =) thanks ar kor!u're the best! =D so aniwaes after work went to lau pa sat to eat with kim..sheena...ah mu n n booze damn a most lang bei de yang zi they all saw it anyways..after eating went to look 4 the bus stop...1 hr lo!!haha..tok gong lei...but on the way gt crap a lot la...haha...had loads of fun la =D den by the time reach hm alr 3,3 plus..den nxt day still have to work 11.30...tok gong...ha..

sun 12/3
today indeed i was late 4 work..haha...but nt tt late lo...i da ka 10 mins aniwaes..allan changed my schedule to 9..but oso good...din feel like working today oso...damn i today was damn slack...i admit...haha...n no jeremy..i din scratch myself to i was kim finally got to know how it feels like working with daniel...tok gong untillllll she keep on calling 4 help...haha...tok gong lei...haha...she almost died lo...qi si ah...haha..n tt ming childish ah!nvr act his age 1...haha...lao wan tong...he finally shaved today!!haha...den today me n him at counter gt mo qi sia...haha...he do the billing...i do the member card..haha..den i oso shua ka n print reciept 4 him... =D all was fine until big ll come out n ask mi go do other thing...tok gong! after work went to lau pa sat AGAIN coz kim wanna watch soccer..haha..ate oso la..with kim..kelly n honey aka as i was honey is gt feng du untilllll...wha...nxt time his gf sure v lucky..he got the the feng du...but too no looks n height...haha...but he's overall a nice person la...i dun even nid to ask him to help mi carry my bag he auto help alr ah..tok gong!haha..he summor is really CARRY de lo..haha...he nt scared pp say he gu niang de lo...coz he carry is my esprit tote he help mi carry...den we went to find place sit..den he both both his bag n my bag on his chair..den he sit..wha...he still nvr say anything until i ask him whether xin ku a not lo...haha...tok gong!if i nvr ask he'll continue sitting until we go lo...den it'll be damn xin ku 4 him lo..ha..den b4 he go buy his food he still gt tell us he's going n ask us whether we wan a not lo..tok gong ma?den b4 he go he still turn n ask mi to double check whether i wanna eat a not n wanna eat wat lo!wha seh..i damn shock oso lo...ha..he suddenly treat mi so good..ha..honey guo ran shi honey ah!suan wo mei you bai teng ta ah!haha...aniwaes so after tt he come bk le...we ask him go help us buy lala..den although he dunno is where but he still agree to go n find lo!omg...den he still find n pay 4 us lo..but we gt return him complains at all lo!omg...feng du untilllll...wha...if i ask other guys do they sure ask mi go die alr ah...haha...woo!den after tt we went to wait 4 night rider (which was in vain coz onli fri n sat n eve of public hols got -_- ) den wait until v late ma..den in the middle we got tok crao la..haha...den kelly went to find toilet den honey tell mi.. 'y nobody accompany kelly?so late alr she go find toilet herself!v dangerous 1 no?!quick go find her!' wha...feng du untillllll....haha...i'm speechless man...ha..den it was my turn to go toilet den he go with mi..den when we reach alr..he still ask...can we use their toilet nt...den he lemme use 1st...den after we left he still say thanks lo...den doors everything is he open 4 me n let mi go 1st..even through the mrt shutter he oso lemme go 1st lo!tok gong ma?woo!den after tt we wait damn long le ma...den he say he let us go 1st coz we gers den he help us flag taxi lo!wha kao...flag alr he still help us ask whether the uncle can send us to toa payoh a not..den when uncle say yes den he let us in...den he take the taxi after us...wha kao..honey!!u're the most feng du guy in my life man!haha...u're the best man!haha...nxt time ur gf really damn lucky lo...jia you ba...wo hui zhi chi ni de! =D

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

hello!today i off!whahahahha!!went out with reen..jessi..mel..borne n jessi...went to mos n bk 4 lunch...den went to bowl..haha...damn crap la long nvr meet up up alr damn crap la..ha...had loads of fun together.. =D den after tt went to ya kun den the guys n i left...

went to sizzler...crapped den went to lor 5 4 supper with kim..den she come my hse inspect den go hm liaoz -_- haha...took loads of pics =D

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Friday, March 10, 2006

danced on the moon at 3:42 am.

danced on the moon at 3:06 am.

danced on the moon at 2:28 am.

danced on the moon at 1:34 am.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

danced on the moon at 11:59 pm.

woo!went to watch brokeback mountain today!whahahahaha...had 2 attemps...1st attemp failed den bo bian muz watch wolf creek...hell stupid show conclusion no moral...n so damn bloody grusome!2nd attemp success!!haha...ok show...nt bad la...haha...v arty farty..haha...but over all nt bad la..i liked it..haha =D

b4 tt went to fei cui breakfast n play pool with yu n ken...dom n ming tai pang seh...haha...ken!no zi zun!!ahhaahahahaha!!!he lose to all 4 of us!haha..oh man...funny until...oh n thanks 4 ur jacket..haha...stupid shaw...cold

aniwaes..really happy 4 ah mu...did grill solo today which made him so small bot lidat..haha...congrats ya? =D

danced on the moon at 11:11 pm.

ha...i juz really love ah mu..onli he can make mi feel better after what happened tonight..haha...thanks ya?i'll b waiting 4 ur help nxt time!haha..thanks 4 everything u've done..even if it seems insignificant to u it really cheered mi up a lot...amazing really how the small simple things tt pp do touch other pp's lives so significantly... =)

so ya..thanks kor!love u! =D

danced on the moon at 2:14 am.


i cannot believe how suay i m today..

1. i work with pp i nt v gum with in guest service. seems like i do n know the most things even though phoebe worked longer than me.
3.i lai ang n have no pad. so damn freaking many pp 4 weekday.
5.i broke freaking many plates coz i stack n knock my hand on a chair.
6.i'm the only person hu nos how to do s/b closing so i bo bian have to do it.with DANIEL.
8.he's so damn freaking slow i did practically EVERYTHING 4 him.


i think i'm going to burst my blood vessels damn freaking angry with tt daniel...omg...sumbody juz save mi...i nvr wanna do salad bar closing EVER again with man.HE'S SO FREAKING SLOW!!i did almost everything 4 him lo!!i keeped everything tt HE needs to keep in salad bar..also including those tt i need to...den he still dare to say 'er..actually u onli need to help mi keep those' ma de...still dare to say ah?i keep fin all alr he still haven do fin wat he supposed to do lo!wtf?!all his ladels wateva shit is i keep 4 him de summor lo...wth...cannot tahan him sia...m i his maid or sumthing?!god...idiot...den he still dare put his cart in the middle of the kitchen salad bar dere n he disappear...he's stupid or what?!i dun nid go in n put thing ah?!he put his cart dere totally block my way lo...den the stupid thing i was carrying so heavy summor...idiot...still muz i push his cart away MYSELF n put my thing on the salad bar damn freaking heavy lo...lucky steven was dere sia..he help mi carry a bit..wth la daniel...den after i do fin wat i was supposed to do alr his ice cream machine n coffee machine still haven start doing yet lo!wth?!den i went to help him close his ice cream machine n guess wat?tt idiot nvr set the machine to defrost!!!omg!omg!omg!i swear i could juz kill him then n there...den i went inside to tell him den he still dare to ask mi 'ice cream machine chai le mai you ah?' ma de...i damn tu lan lo!i shouted bk at him lo...kns...i straight away told him bk tt u nvr even defrost ur ice cream how to chai?! ma de...pea brain....luckily ken was dere to help mi lo...if nt...i sure scold him until siao de...stupid ox!!cannot tahan alr!!den after i fin ice cream machine his coffee machine still not done yet lo!wth man...den randy oso damn tu lan alr...he go in n scold daniel..ask him hurry up n tt idot still gt the cheek to say 'leave it to mi la!' de...den randy shoot back say leave it to him he miss the last bus alr...haha..den the zhong dian is coffee machine onli he no how to chai every1 of us dunno...haha...den steven say 'dun say him alr la...he's the biggest here alr lei...nobody else no how to dismatle coffee machine except him lei' haha...idiot...haha...den in the end coffee machine is we ownself figure out how to dismantle de stupid daniel 1 bit oso nvr help lo...kns....we dismantle alr he still doing his own thing lo!kns!!!ma de...den randy still muz ask mi lock up salad bar the fridges coz he say wait 4 daniel we all no nid go hm stupid daniel...muz spoon feed him ah?kns...cannot ta ha man...i do EVERYTHING 4 him lo..kns...ken still ask i so angry 4 wat..he v slow the things is long long ago inside alr wat...den i v angry de reply..of coz long long ago all inside alr la!coz all is i long long ago put dere 1 wat!den he say no wonder...haha...omg...everybody is si beh tu lan with daniel today he still 1st to leave summor wor!kns man!!!!argh!!i'm damn angry!!today is such a suay day!!

den 4 guest service..i oso gt nth to say..i'm nt saying tt i'm perfect or wat la..but y muz i do everything?!yen..she new comer...she dunno n nvr do i still can understand but phoebe?i dunno wat to say sia..she work in sizzler longer than mi but sum how she juz doesn't have the efficency...she cannot even take 4 main course together..her beverage serve nt complete 1..this table lack tt table gt more..she takes so little cups on 1 trip...den she clear plate...more tok gong...each round clear so little plates..she cannot clear 1 table by herself..she needs sum1 to either carry the plates or cups 4 her...i mean ttz the most basic thing wat..i juz dunno wat to say..i'm nt saying i'm li hai or wat...but ain't a longer working person supposed to know better?den if i nvr go do my rounds,every customer's table sure gt thing to clear n they sure stack until high high 1...i mean without mi clearing plates i'm sure there wun b so much plates to clear as there's still 2 other guest service de but how come there's still so many plates to clear?no matter how many rounds i clear they're still dere...wth...ttz y i need to carry a lot on 1 trip n ttz y i will break so many plates once i drop man...i almost made it to the kitchen lo...i knocked my hand on the chair on the last min n dropped them all...wth man...onli 1/4 of wat i was carrying broke..which is 2 plates,2 soup bowls n 1 ice cream cup..ha..a lot..i no...if tt was onli 1/4 of wat i was carrying..can u imagine how many plates,bowls,ice cream cups n sauce cups i was carrying?oh man...bad day...

hai...lucky got ken,steven n randy sia...if nt i sure die today...nobody to crap least got them to crap with mi today n play with lo..summor they got help mi summor..thanks ya?i seriously dunno wat i'll do today without them....heng today night shift is randy n nt lilian sia..phew...ha..haha..thanks ya? =)

lucky tmr no nid to work...sure die if gt...hai...tmr going to watch brokeback moutain!haha...with kim..kelly...yu wen....ken n stupid ming tai nvr reply mi...slap...ha..btw...i'm getting my new glasses tmr! =D

danced on the moon at 1:22 am.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

haha...omg..itz 2.30 in the morning n i'm still crapping online with ah mu n kim..haha...oh man...i'm going to be soo late tmr..haha...

join the no smell family!be proud of it!haha..omg..i'm so full of is good...ha =D

danced on the moon at 2:32 am.

hmMmmMMmm...haha...ytd after work went to chomp chomp with kim n kelly...din drink much..haha...most is kim drink...c tt beer addict..drink beer alr damn high...keep toking nonsense...whahahha...i'm such a good ger...

today damn slack...whahahah....stupid reen come early come out of kutu dman slack la...haha...den stupid chicken aka steven keep on disturbing de..haha...den after work met up with kelly...went 7 11 buy food n durian...n sit at the outside library dere tok cock with kim...haha...

tmr work frm opening to closing again...sianz...zui hao is as n reen wanna come eat n ka jiao...ha...i refuse to serve them...haha...

ooh off...going out with kim..yu wen n kelly...dom n ming tai mayb...we go watch brokeback mountain!!!whahahahahhaahhahaha!!!!oooooh yeah...haha...btw...i'm getting my new specs on wed... =D

ooh la la~life is good... =D

danced on the moon at 1:04 am.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


wth!!sizzler juz close 4 5 days onli n my legs n wrist pain until juz run fin 2.4 lidat lo...kaoz...can b exercise in sizzler few more years sure damn fit 1 aniwaes...kaoz lo!sizzler juz close 4 5 days onli muz the pp come in like they 100 yrs nvr come sizzler alr?!kao!!SO MANY PP!!so little guest!!so damn freaking bz!!!ma de...ha...den nvr assign place wor...den anihow go lo...sumtime b runner sumtime beverage den most of the time outside clear plates...den the plates like can nvr clear fin 1 lo!! so much...choke to death ah!!

den i gt new idol!senior aka ming tai!wha seh!senior jiu shi senior sia..clear plates is no 1 ah!haha...woo!stack wu seh man!so heavy den he still can stack lo...woo!strong!he carry until his veins all come out le lo...haha...den summor he is clear until wanna no more alr den he let u clear the rest le you feng dou sia!woo!idol!ha..i stack until i wanna die alr..den my hand short cannot reach the plate den he come help mi with the rest..hah..woo!shuai ah!wu seh man...come on! stupid senior shld do floor during closing but nvr do...kns...den is we off alr de muz help him do...ha...but no matter wat..senior is still damn wu seh man!shuai ah!

danced on the moon at 1:21 am.

Friday, March 03, 2006


danced on the moon at 2:02 am.

today went shopping AGAIN with yu wen n kelly at bugis...yes...i admit...i'm bai jia nu...haha....aniwaes....after tt met up with ah choi...gio...n kevin den we went to sing party world together!haha....was really fun...had a really great time wit stupid ah choi...say v long nvr hit mi alr den he hit mi -_- n tt gio...wear until like ah beng!!haha...looks like an ah beng stupid kevin really pig oso...c mi 1 time muz hit mi 1 time... -_-

took freaking many pics with my cam..ha..den we were posing 4 many many 1 is 2 gers on the each side of 1 guy each kiss 1 side of the cheek...den as we were taking with gio...muz place ur mouth near the side of his cheek ma....den when wanna take alr he suddenly turn his head to my side den i accidentally kissed his cheek lo!ma de...haha...den he still so happy summor!ha..i slapped his face so many many times gt another pic is i sit on kevin's lap den his arms ard mi..dun think slant slant..juz a pose..den tt kns..finish taking alr still dun wanna let his hands go...muz hit him den can...kns -_-

i'm going to flood my blog with pics!-some other day..haha...

danced on the moon at 1:08 am.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

shone n ming liang r both sitting on my floor watching the maid right this moment...met up with them after my shopping spree with yu wen n kelly to get bk my mmc card frm shone....i spent SOOOO much money today!!help!!i'm bai jia zai!!

oh yeah...tmr i'm meeting up with the 3 chefs =D

danced on the moon at 9:56 pm.

look at how thick ming tai's specs r!omg!blind ass!

haha..stop laughing at my specs k..i've found some1 else's specs ttz more song than mine ok..ha

look at what her stupid coco did to mi!!stupid dog!!

me n kevin at breadfirst.

arty farty pic taken at party n mummy.

annie n kevin.compatible eh?

oh btw...i bought my fiancee's cd!!whahaha..damn nice lo!!!muz buy!!!go!!!rush to the nearest cd shop n get lin jun jie's cd now!!damn nice!!!haha...aniwaes...i oso bought body shop's new fragrance...spring orchard...comes in a package....damn nice n wu hua oso!yuwen mi n kelly all bought it!!haha...go buy!itz damn nice...

danced on the moon at 12:34 am.

hello...ytd...went out with doreen...yu wen n kelly...met up with yu wen n kelly 1st coz sum pp wanna go shopping with her mama...den she was late 4 SOOOO long -_- zuo ren yao yo yuan ze!!ha...we went to library but can't find my after meeting up with doreen we went to swensons...finally!!!haha...ate their black pepper pasta n earthquake!!!so fascinating!!!haha....den after tt go play pool...den...marks the end of the day lo...ha

today went out with annie..yu wen..kelly...we went to starhub centre to c kevin 1st! =D finally saw him after so long!!!oh man...ha...den ate his cake...he gave us 30% off...ha...den ate lunch together with him...den he go bk work...den after tt went to party world orchard...sing until left 1 hr alr den kevin come n join us...haha...but he sing nt bad la...woo!haha...stupid guy...nvr change at all...ha =D den sang zhu wo sheng ri kuai le 4 melvin through the phone...haha...he say we cute lei..come on...aniwaes...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!u're old -_-

den after tt went to kutu island to c reen's hse 4 the 1st time....wanted to ton but...culdn' aniwaes...watched pride n prejudice dere...the show is ok la...but i find the ending damn stupid!!!omg!!!ha...quite tuo tuo la la aniwaes..doreen's stupid fat oversized dog attacked mi!!!i got a freaking big scratch on my hand now!!how m i supposed to jian ren?!!omg!!!den she still go bite down my ear rings de...lucky mine r lousy quality...wun stick to my ear...if nt...i sure ear sure gone...stupid dog!!ha...c mi so excited 4 wat?!i juz v long nvr c her onli ma...she nid to ji dog until lidat ma?if my hand got scar...i will gen her dog jue jiao ah!!!lucky the dog still got liang xin come n lick my wound freaking long lo!like i go fight de...haha....satyed n tok crap until 10 plus coz my papa fetch mi n kim hm together...her hse...ok lo...nt bad la...definately better than her toa payoh 1...but too bad..itz in KUTU ISLAND...btw...her dog peed in front of her room door -_- n it was so pungent tt i smelled it once it came out la...n i saw her dog do it smelled of salted egg which was exactly wat we eat 4 dinner at her hse la!omg!!so gao wei..just imagine =S

danced on the moon at 12:00 am.