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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

si mi sai si mi sai? i'm watching the singapore vs thailand match on channel 5 now and the thais i tell you. SORE LOSERS. alamak. ming ming is ji zi fan cuo still wanna be drama mama and walk off the field to protest to the penalty. si mi sai si mi sai? then after that still play until so bao li summor. if they lose this game ah. 2 words. HUO GAI.

danced on the moon at 10:05 pm.

Got this from on email.

Stubborn and hard-hearted
Strong-willed and highly motivated
Sharp thoughts
Attracts others and loves attention
Deep feelings
Beautiful physically and mentally
Firm standpoint
Easily influenced
Needs no motivation
Easily consoled
Systematic (left brain)
Loves to dream
Strong clairvoyance
Sickness usually in the ear and neck
Good imagination
Good debating skills
Good physical
Weak breathing
Loves literature and the arts
Loves travelling
Dislike being at home
Not having many children (simi sai simi sai?)
High spirited


Turn ons

Stability and dependability characterize Taurus. They like people who can blend and grow with them. If you have a Taurus partner you should appreciate all things bright and beautiful. They have an inherent artistic sense and are fond of color and music. Judge the life with them from purely materialistic point of view. Enjoy everything luxurious that money can provide. Enjoy good food (better if you can cook to please them) and good drinks with them.

Turn offs

Taurus is very slow to anger (in fact you may s pend the whole life with them and still no spark) but you should not push your luck too much. Being unreasonable or aggressive with them may get you into trouble. Do not press him into a corner and if you do be prepared for a violent rage. Taurus is capable of violent outbursts though this is on very rare occasions. If you have a roving eye forget it because Taurus have can take the cake when it comes to being possessive. They can be suffocating when being possessive about you.

yes, do not make me angry or i will eat you up! haha!

danced on the moon at 8:28 pm.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

today's lesson of the day: NEVER take up tennis if you don't have the talent.

went for s&w make up class today and took up tennis instead of the usual dancesport and omg!! i think i practically died. ha. i think berenice did too. haha. cox...

no. 1, i think i complain too much. i am such a whiny girl.
no. 2, i DO NOT like the sun. there is SOOO much sun outdoors! omg!! i was practically going to burn and die.
no. 3, i CANNOT hit the damn ball! and even if i hit it, it just flies either to no where or directly to the net.
no. 4, i don't like to run OR jump to catch the stupid ball! ha.
no. 5, i seriously don't like to exercise simply because exercising is not my thing and i REALLY don't like people seeing my fats wooble when i run or jump. haha.

so in conclusion, i am a big fat lazy, whiny girl who doesn't like to exercise nor the sun. haha.

and this experience has made me realise that i have taken dancesport for granted! it was so much more fun and relaxing! most importantly, there's AIR-CON!! whahahhaha! oh! not having to run around and sweat so much is a plus too. ha.

tell you all something. my whole class poned marketing tutorial together today. haha. not beacause we want to. but simply because we didn't know there was class. so all of us happily thought there was no class and came to school at 12. haha. teng teng teng! then came the e-mail from oddish man(my marketing lecturer) and the title of the e-mail is "HELLO where were you all today? there is still marketing tutorial for review of test!" haha. something along that line. haha. damn funny.

oh and there's dancesport test tmr. i think i'm going to pretend i broke my leg or something. haha. serioously la. i CANNOT dance. i think if the teacher see me dance tmr, he's gonna roll over and die. haha. i think i'm going to totally throw his face tmr. ha. btw, my teacher is melvin from melvin and sharon from the dance floor. *goes to a dark corner and hides face in shame*

danced on the moon at 10:34 pm.

Monday, January 29, 2007

i have new things on my wish list!! woo!! come guys still have four months left to save one dollar per day! woo! come on people. you can get these things at tangs vivo city!

adidas original polo tee - $69.90
red french connection tee - $49.90
2 the imagination workshop tee - $79.90 x 2

hint - yi song got tangs 20% discount! woots!


danced on the moon at 5:24 pm.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

the end is near and i can feel it! can you feel it? omg! it feels SOOOOO good! ha. after this week things will take a better turn. woo!

mon: marketing report
locvdp submission

tues: webgraph milestone 3
stupid s&w makeup class

wed: fucking last class of s&w! YES!!

nxt mon: marketing test

nxt fri: final webgraph presentation

14 feb!: medisoc exam


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Friday, January 26, 2007

wha kao. si beh cannot stand. my sister. is PURE spoilt. excuse me lo. is she ownself walk into the room then knock over MY cup and broke it then she still scold me no. i alr put the cup near my bed she still can hit it. knock it down alr still nvm, still scold me say why i put the cup there. then she go and take broom come back then she still scold me say why i on the phone and then never help. hello? is YOU who broke MY cup. still say what help to push the bed and clear the glass. please la. this is call NO SHAME. totally no shame one know this kind of people. ownself do wrong still dun wan admit. don't want admit still nvm know. still push the blame on others. this one then sat key. best. broke MY cup know. ping shi use my cup and give her NEW bf use i alr nvr say anything. now break it summor. sat key. i buy from australia 1 know. knn. how she replace for me? cb. super cannot tahan. i refuse to help her then she use her NEW bf help her clean up everything. tmd. one word. SPOILT. so is my cute meh meh cup!

danced on the moon at 12:32 am.

can't stand it!
Thursday, January 25, 2007

i finally couldn't stand it anymore! i missed my tagboard so much i must change my just new blogskin!! oh de my de god!! haha! i cannot stand life without my tagboard! yeah! its back its back! tag me tag me! haha! yeah!!!

tell u all something damn funny. ha. my bro is in hospital for minor injuries but you know why? cox apparently he went to toa payoh central himself and was extorted by 2 LOWER SEC boys who were SMALLER SIZE than him and he kena beaten by them?! oh de my de god. someone pls save me. he kena beaten until his specs broke but he never beat back no! wtf?! he never even scream for help or what. then after they finish beating him, he GIVE them his money!!!! oh de my de god!! y i have this kind of brother?! oh de my de god!! so stupid!!!! If i find out who did this to my brother. they DIE. i make them live in HELL i tell you! oh de my de god. see my brother easy bully. ta ma de. never die b4. cb .let me find out who you are. you die! i whole day stay around tpy central HUNT you down ah! knn. si ho la!

danced on the moon at 11:21 pm.

Monday, January 22, 2007

i totally forgot i had locvdp test today...ho say liao...damn siannn...feeling very emo today...suddenly feel like me will be emo girl..oh ho ho

danced on the moon at 11:49 am.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

one word. fuck.

danced on the moon at 5:50 pm.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

danced on the moon at 10:11 pm.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

oh ho ho! tell you all a VERY VERY VERY BIG news! i'm going to be 18 this year! woo! SO EXCITING!!! i am gonna be 18, i am gonna be 18, i am gonna be 18. are you? are you? are you? oh ho ho!!! whahahahahaha! so exciting!!!! =DDD

tell you all a very interesting fact. i just realised that i've been in the same school with daniel for all of my studying years! hahahah!!! wha lao, my whole life i'm the same school mate as daniel. oh ho ho!! SO FUNNY!! ha.

jerric is here!! <-- sorry, somebody hack into my account and type this sentence. please ignore this lunatic.

have a pleasant day ahead. haha!

danced on the moon at 2:11 pm.

Monday, January 08, 2007

This is Natalia Montpero Perilla the 5th test blogging in replacement for carolyn ong whatever her chinese name is.
Test test. Does this look okay?
Does course it does because it is done by moi.
Okay, toodles mere mortals!
Hugs & air kisses, dont miss moi.

danced on the moon at 10:10 pm.

or should i just cut my hair shorter?

btw, i passed all my common test despite the little studying! oh ho ho! me is a clever little girl. haha.

and me would like to thank jessica lee jia yi and jeremy for specially coming down last sat to support me. haha. although by the time they came it was already over. haha. esp jessi cox i didn't really spend much time with her after that but she came anyway and waited for me to arrive at snooker then went to meet her friend. THANKS!! me love you so much! =DD

danced on the moon at 9:15 am.

hmmm...should i perm my hair? until like tt..not until like pck... -_-

danced on the moon at 12:41 am.

Friday, January 05, 2007

me think this song is very nice.

The long goodbye

I know they say if you love somebody
You should set them free (so they say)
But it sure is hard to do
Yeah, it sure is hard to do
And I know they say if they dont come back again
Then its meant to be ( so they say)
But those words dont pull me through
Cos Im still in love with you
I spend each day here waiting for a miracle
But its just you and me going through the mill
(climbin up a hill)

This is the long goodbye
Somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love cant make it
Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart?
No matter how hard we try
Youre gonna make me cry
Come on, baby, its over.. lets face it
All thats happening here is a long goodbye

Sometimes I ask my heart did we really
Give our love a chance ( just one more chance)
And I know without a doubt
Its turning me inside out
And if we walked away
Would make more sense ( only self defense)
But it tears me up inside
Just to think we still could try
How long must we keep riding on a carousel
Going round and round and never getting anywhere?
(on a wing and prayer)

This is the long goodbye
Somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love cant make it
Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart?
No matter how hard we try
Youre gonna make me cry
Come on, baby, its over.. lets face it
All thats happening here is the long...long goodbye

Are you ever coming back again (x3)
I guess Im coming back again

danced on the moon at 2:57 pm.

hello everybody, beatty band is performing at toa payoh amphitheatre this sat at 4.30pm. anybody interested can go down and listen. oh, seeing me perform is a plus. haha. but, don't get your expectations too high, the band can only do so well. anyway, it's free. ha. that's the keyword.

n btw, gay lim asked me go back and be a guest performer for this year's singing competition. should i or should i not? anybody interested in going back to listen? haha.

danced on the moon at 12:45 am.

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!! i wish all of you all a better year ahead and wash all your unhappy memories about 2006 away with the new year! =)) better health and better studies and better whatever ________! ya, fill in the blanks yourself. =D

to all my friends, i totally love you guys and thank you all for all the happy memories you gave me in the past year. and of cox 2007 will be a better year for all of us and our friendship will last forever and ever! =DD


just to update everybody on why i'm stuck at home on new year's eve, it's all because of that stupid ant at east coast! RAHHHHHHHHH!!!! i swear i'm going to burn down that patch of grass at east coast and kill all the ants that bite me that night! god! my legs = pig trotters now because of that stupid ant bite! super red, swollen, pain and itchy!! stupid doctor told me a crap of bull and that he doesn't really know what is the cause of it. things may take for a dive during his medication. -_- wtf. thanks doc, you really made my new year an optimistic 1!

yes, and of cause, thanks to osborne who carried me ALL the way from mac to our pit. it was a long walk and i know, i AM super heavy and you actually did it without even putting me down once! AMAZING!! haha. thanks! not like that ming liang. haha. haven walk 10 steps only cannot make it alr. haha. like they say, never judge a book by its cover. i must say, you really surprised em that night. haha. thanks so much!!! love you! =))

danced on the moon at 12:06 am.