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a wedding and a dog
Sunday, September 30, 2007

okok, i am blogging already man. haha. this kimberly ah. si beh kan chiong spider one lei. i just never blog for a few days only miss me like siao alr. OH HO HO! so here i am.

i never go school but i busy with a wedding ma. haha. show you.

saturday was my godsister's wedding and i ahve been busy helping her with her wedding montage. here's a few photos.

my 3rd godsister.

my 1st godsister.

my 2nd godsister. and yes. it is she who is getting married on that day.

and during those busy times, i had to stay over at their house sometimes and this tyrant dog has been the one keeping me company.

i swear he is SUPER irritating but i love him to bits! so old already still so naughty! just look at his face! so dao! ha! it's such a love/hate relationship man. haha.

danced on the moon at 10:51 pm.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

here's some random pictures for your enjoyment.

i totally saw this guy with DAMN NICE hands. coolios! sit next to me on the MRT too! haha! =DD

his hands are the PERFECT size, shape and tan. woo! =DDD

look at this stupid box i saw at work. HAHA! see you man. ha.

i am totally IN LOVE with this watch! it's DAMN nice and elegant. it's the prettiest watch i have ever set eyes on! seriously nice! i can even use it as a mirror! hehe! DAMN NICE!

stupidest watch ever. -_-

look at the even stupider sales person who served me. HAHAHA! note the word trainee. hahaha!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

the world is full of shameless people. SERIOUSLY. no shame means no shame. shameless people of the world unite man.

i FUCKING cannot stand this shop called blossomz or whatever the spelling is for the shop. FUCKING CANNOT. fuck. seriously. spoil my mood for the day man. i am a member of the shop and yes, i am embarrassed by it. so, i DO NOT carry their membership card with me. if someone spots their card in my wallet, it'll totally spoil my image man. seriously. fucking ah lian shop. shop name also so ah lian. ugh. and besides, the design of their card is so.... UGH. it'll only spoil my wallet if i put it in it.

ANYWAYS! this bitch in the shop. wth pls. i totally cannot stand her attitude. i DO NOT carry their membership card along with me but i happen to REALLY like a dress of theirs. so i ask whether i can give her my particulars and stuff. and she starts questioning me about what is on the back of the card. and once i got the answer wrong, she still got the guts to say...

"it's okay de, you can be honest. if you are not a member just say."

LIKE HELLO?! fucking hell! who do you fucking think i am?! oh my god! totally shameless pls! i will not stoop to this kind of level to PRETEND to be a member when i ALREADY am pls! FUCK! like totally! pls go and reflect and look in the mirror pls. you think your shop very high class or what ah? fuck! must pretend to be a member to get discount. PLEASE LA. even if i wanna pretend to be a member, get this ok, I WILL NEVER PRETEND TO BE A FUCKING BLOSSOMZ MEMBER! so low class lo! pls! think twice before you speak. i almost sniggered at you just now. fuck. and it's only a fucking FIVE DOLLARS difference. pls. if you want, i can throw many many five dollars at you also can. fuck. eat my shit. RAHHHHHHHH!!!!

ugh. totally spoil my day pls. fuck. shameless, totally shameless.

but on a brighter side, i caught the home song stories with char today! i seriously didn't see the need to make it M18. seriously. no sex scene, no violence, no coarse language. M18 ge lan ah? nonsense. seriously. but the movie on the whole is quite good. two thumbs up. of cox for my qi yu wu oso. hehehehe! =DDD

danced on the moon at 11:50 pm.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i like her songs.

Gabrielle - Out of Reach

Catch myself from despair
I could drown if I stay here
Keeping busy every day
I know I will be okay

So much hurt, so much pain
Takes a while to regain what is lost inside
And I hope that in time, you'll be out of my mind
I'll be over you

In my reach, I can see
There's a life out there for me...

Gabrielle - Rise

I know that it's over.
That I can't believe we're through.
They say that time's a healer.
And I'm better without you.

It's gonna take time I know,
But I'll get over you.

Look in my life.
Look in my heart.
I have seen them fall apart.
Now I'm ready to rise again.
Just look in my hopes.
Look at my dreams building
bridges from these scenes.
Now, I'm ready to rise again.

Caught up in my thinking.
Like a prisoner in my mind.
You pose so many questions.
But, the truth was hard to find.

I better think twice I know
that I'll get over you.

Look in my life.
Look in my heart.
I have seen them fall apart.
Now I'm ready to rise again.
Just look in my hopes.
Look in my dreams building
bridges from these scenes.
Now, I'm ready to rise again.

Much time has passed between us.
Do you still think of me at all?
My world of broken promises.
Now, you won't catch me when I fall.

Look in my life.
Look in my heart.
I have seen them fall apart.
Now I'm ready to rise again.
Just look in my hopes.
Look at my dreams building
bridges from these scenes.
Now, I'm ready to rise again.

I'm going to make it all right.
Yes, I'm going to rise, gonna make it all right.
I'm going to be who I want to be baby.

I'm going to make it all right.
I'm going to make it all right.
I'm going to make it all right.
I'm going to make it all right.

i'm going to. because i have to.

danced on the moon at 8:21 pm.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


热泪越沸腾 我越感觉有点冷
变了心的人 越想越伤人

想 若结局一样 又何苦再想
伤 若让人成长 我为什么怕分手的伤

解脱 是肯承认这是个错
你有自由走 我有自由好好过

解脱 是懂擦干泪看以后


danced on the moon at 1:56 am.

i like...
Friday, September 21, 2007


ask me to imitate him! haha!

i love ah bengs. haha.


check out my matching pipes. HAHA!


i think she's very pretty though she has bamboos as her body and mosquitoes bites as her breasts. and i think keira knightley has such a timeless face. like lindsay lohan. without the drugs. ha. her new chanel ad is fabulous. i love the ad. i think she's a great choice for the new chanel spokesperson. me like! =D

danced on the moon at 9:22 pm.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

hello people. i know i know. i haven been updating and you all miss me. so here i am. ha.

well. what can i say. work is alright. some days you hate it, some days you love it. guess it all depends. but most of the time. i just hate it. haha. if they're not happy with me, fire me lah. i don't care. i have other jobs to do. i can't wait to go to kim's there. she's like so in love with it. ha. i'm already confirmed a job there. there goes my holidays.

i need to go to the cinemas. i have so many shows to watch again!

1. secret (i still can't believe i have not watched it yet!)
2. hairspray
3. no reservations
4. the home song stories
5. i now pronounce you chuck and larry
6. underdog
7. enchanted
8. dan in real life

somebody date me to go watch them! ha. and ml, you better get me that dvd. haha!

life is boring cept for saturdays with jessi. haha! i like sitting down n bitching about passer-bys! haha! let's go for a movie next time! hehe!

last of all. i love susanna shee shi min. you are the best friend i could ever have. love you! =))

so this is what i mean to you. thanks for letting me see that because now, i can FINALLY move on with my life.

danced on the moon at 4:14 pm.

retail therapy
Sunday, September 09, 2007

hello loves! a wise woman once said that the best way to drown all our sorrows is to go for some retail therapy. so i went. a little retail therapy once in a while wouldn't hurt. in fact, it would be very healthy. hehehe. so i went to town with jessi on sat. and look what i've got!

after so long, i finally got to go to cotton on to shop! hehehe! i've been missing the shop ever since i came back from australia and it's finally here! =DDDDD
oh! and i finally got my skinnys!

shoes make me happy! =D there's this new shop in far east called Im@ge-Turn and their shoes are SUPER comfy! i bought the wedges on the right from there! the stilettos on the left are from charles and keith. 50%! =DDD

and we saw kumar too. how cool is that? hahah! =DDDD

and all thanks to jessi, i am now officially super hyped up about the new ipod touch! OH DE MY DE GOD! cool like fuck pls! wha lao! i cannot take it anymore. it's $468 dollars! =( RAHHHHHH!! y does pleasure always not come cheap? =((

p.s. the wise woman is me.

danced on the moon at 5:15 pm.

invincible HOTNESS
Saturday, September 08, 2007

thursday was the suckiest day ever. some fucker totally spoiled my day. BAH. but whatever. it's over.

JJ was right. today was definately a better day. WOO! guess who i saw!!!

QI YU WU!!!!

woo! i can't believe my invincible hotness appeared in front of me sia! woo! cool shit man! WOO! =DDDDDD


shuai + hot body = me dying happy

some more e walked past my booth twice! TWICE! meaning i got to see him TWICE! TWO TIMES! LIANG CI! DUA! woo! the first time he walked pass only i saw him. then when i told han and chai they all dun believe me no! how can lidat?! he is my idol lei, i one look can recognize alr can! wha laooooooo. hot siaaaaaaa. haha! then when he walked past again, i practically screamed for sarah. haha! coolios. but still. i managed to keep my cool in front of him. HAHAHA! woo! he looked me in the eye summor! omg! die-ed man! too much hotness for me to handle! =DDDDDD

and just when i thought my day couldn't get any better, guess who i saw next?


=DDDDDDDDDDDDD can you even sense my excitement?! oh de my de god la! we were still discussing at our booth why LV close their shop and i still complain like that no more free air-con. haha! i tell you the place is fucking hot lo. i swear. anyways. THEN I SAW! xiao zhu walked into the store la! oh my fucking god! i was serving someone at that time and i fucking screamed. SERIOUSLY. haha! i was SOOOOOOOO excited i treated everybody SOOOOO nice. even to alan. HAHAHHA! i was screaming all the way la. oh my god. woo! fuck sia! i will never ever complain about working 9-9 again! HAHAHAH! wha shuai de lo. no difference from tv. just. quite short only. HAHAHAH! i so love LV now. HAHAHA! cool shit sia. i can seriously die today without any regrets. HAHAHAH!


oh ya. gay ang mors are so cute. haha!

"is he his boyfriend?"


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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

work sucks. period.

but it still is bearable cox of the loves i'm working with. oh ya. there's some asshole called alan. look what alan got for yi song.

hahah!'s so sweet i could cry..haha!

check out the powerful cinema at tpy. i'd bet it is the only cinema in the whole of singapore that actually makes you use your brain to count for your row number.

danced on the moon at 10:04 pm.

Monday, September 03, 2007

hehehe! i've found my new idol.


hehehe! when his album launches, i will be the 1st to CHIONG to the store and buy! HAHAHAHA!! he is SOOOOO cute n shy la! hehehehe!

SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!! heheheheheh! *covers mouth with both hands and giggles*

danced on the moon at 2:17 am.

super cute!
Sunday, September 02, 2007

kim n reen! r u watching this? omg la! so cute!!! =DDDDD

danced on the moon at 2:41 pm.

movie marathon
Saturday, September 01, 2007

hello everybody. i am back to blog normally now. hehe. i bet you all missed me. hehe. i've decided that i shall not brood on the past and shall look forward to the future. occasionally a few tears will fall but i will lead a happy life. =D

so anyways, i went for a movie marathon. well. sort of. ha. in my course of getting better, i have filled my days with a dosage of movie everyday. and therefore. i is now officially broke. hehe. oh wells, happiness never comes cheap.

day 1 - RUSH HOUR 3
caught it with jessi on tuesday. DAMN funny pls! omg. immediately favourite movie of the year la! haha! i swear. it really is. esp the american super spy. fainted sia. haha. i swear chris tucker is the funniest person on earth. even seeing his face only makes me want to laugh. haha! and his voice also! damn power. haha! funny untillllll......coolios! haha!

caught it on wed with reen, shone n jessi AGAIN. haha. but in celebration of reen's n shone's birthday of course. so anyway. ratatouille is not really a comedy comedy. it is more of a storyline comedy but overall, it's a really good show. i loved it! remy's SO cute! hehe!

day 3 - 881
finally 881 with JJ. haha. after pang sehing him for so long, i finally went to watch 881 with him, han and derrick on thursday. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! QI YU WU IS TOTAL HAWTNESS!!! WOO! i swear the whole movie i was just swooning over him. haha! i swear! some more they make him wear those tight tight shirt. i can SO clearly see his inverted triangle body la! woots! heheh! anyways, it was a real good movie. damn funny too. haha. i think it'll do super well in taiwan of they ever decide to air it there. hehe!

day 4 - 1408
watched it ytd with sana and hx. we also shun bian went to vivo to see the heroes cast on their world tour. hehe. ali later is HAWT. and maki oso? short. HAHAHAHA! oh wells. asian i guess. ha. anyways. 1408 is good as a thriller, but as a movie? one thumb down. HAHA! serious. the movie was really draggy and the ending haha. it was like you'll be constantly thinking "when does this ever end?" i'm serious. but it was a good thriller la. ha.

but still, i am deeply saddened that i never see secret and hairspray. rahhhh!! sad sad sad! vcd pls! haha. and i wanna watch license to wed too! haha. i know it's dumb but. i'm dumb! haha!

on my to watch list next is NO RESERVATION, UNDERDOG and THE HOME SONG STORIES. hot hot hot! super HAWT qi yu wu is acting in it! got sexual scenes summor! hehehe! i am SOOOOO excited. can you tell? haha!

danced on the moon at 10:35 pm.

康熙來了 - 蕭敬騰

this is DAMN funny i swear. i have never laughed so hard in such a long while. it feels good. serious man. it's THAT funny. also, it stresses again how powerful a singer xiao jing teng is lo. omg. fainted sia.

i swear he sings DAMN well. you all should hear his xin bu liao qing..oh de my de god. what campus what superstar? si le suan le la they all. tsk. compare to xiao jing teng. no shame ah all, no shame.

danced on the moon at 2:46 am.