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Monday, August 28, 2006

i just went around seeing other people's blog and realised that i've been tagged by borne and jessi..that same tag. and i realised, that even though the tag was simple enough, i couldn't do it. simply because..i have no books around me anywhere! the nearest book that i could grab is probably in toa payoh library! i mean seriously, i couldn't find any book near me except the telephone directory which is quite idiotic to use if i really tagged about it. i remember quite clearly that the last book i read was john irving's 'a widow for one year' and that was like AGES ago and i took a fcuking long time to finish it. and suddenly, it became quite clear to me. i'm becoming retarded. gone are the days where i will bury myself in books for hours and days. replacing it instead is a life filled with sleep, computer and television shows. i'm slowly becoming a couch potato. OMG. i will NOT accept my fate so easily! i want my life back! i AM going to the library tomorrow and get books that i've always wanted to read but never had the chance to. i'm going to borrow tons of books and bury myself in them. now's the perfect timing to do that as i'm super free with the holidays and i can also chong shi myself. good right my plan? i know. thanks.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

i think i'm losing the touch of my chinese language. seriously. today a group of china people come to sizzler and eat. and i tio their order. and when she wanna order she said dian cai lo. then i went to take their orders, and believe me, when they say chinese is their mother tongue, they mean chinese is their ONLY language. everything they say is in chinese. they don't even know how to read the menu for goodness sake! if they want something, they'll look at the pictures and point to me and ask me which one is it. i mean. if you can't read why even bother to come to an english restaurant?they only identify their food by pictures. no picture, no talk. god. and the best thing is they ask me what is teriyaki in chinese. i stunned. i mean, how the fcuk would i know? what kind of a question is that? omg. then there i was trying to explain what the hell was teriyaki to them using my half past six chinese and i tell you. it was HARD. singapore is in the middle of no where. lousy chinese. lousy english. how are we going to survive?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

yes, i'm back people. and today, the main thing i'm going to blog about are buffets. Buffets in Singapore, mundane and simple. low quality, lousy variety. yet, Singaporeans still go to buffets, some to the extent of queueing up to get their seats. Thw worst thing is they'll stach their plates high with the not-so-nice food and go back to their seats feeling very satisfied and happy with their "prize". It's not that i wanna say but it's the truth. I went to hotel rendezvous's (ron-dei-voos)straits cafe today and had their buffet for dinner. their food was of lousy quality and their varitey limited. the worst thing was there was this auntie that was eatign before we came and she was still eating after we left. She attacked the prawns by bulk everytime until there was no more prawns left. The poor chef had to carry out a whole plate of prawns every 5 mins. i mean, come on la, you never tasted or had any prawns in your whole life before is it? oh wait, i remember, it's the 7th month now, it's supposed to be hungry ghost festival right? now i see. no wonder she eat like she just came out from a 3rd world country. you see, the thing is she not only attacked the prawns, she attacked other things too. i was like, omg. she can actually eat SO much? she finished their pot of tes and asked the waiter so lo9ud for refill. she always took 2 cups at 1 time. power. her stomach was protruding out so much, i thought she was pregnant. god. a note to Singaporeans like her, please take what you can eat and leave others with some. don't be so selfish and become a pig in the end. and btw, if you want to criticise the resturant, make sure the manager is not behind you before you say anything. haha.

ok, on to the next topic of the day. miss g. interesting how much people can defend themselves when they feel threatened. it's normal for people to defend themselves but it becomes abnormal when you blog 1 whole page about it and INSIST that you are right. "dun set ur expectations of me for me. that way u won't be disappointed" goos, very good. this sentense is actually very disturbing to me. this is a lousy and pathetic way of finding a way to xia tai and defend yourself. i mean, hello?? "dun set ur expectations of me for me. that way u won't be disappointed"?! this are words LOSERS will say when you have nothing to say to defend yourself already. or rather, you know that you are wrong and DON'T want to admit it. only PATHETIC LOSERS will say that lo, i mean, seriuosly? ugh. you already know that everybody will have expectations for everyone and it is really very irresponsible of you to say that. "that way u won't be disappointed"? i think the one that should really be disappointed with you is yourself. don't you see a really big problem with you? people give you constrctive critisisms and you act like a porcupine, shooting back at others and not listening. it really is a wake up call ofr you to go and reflect on your actions before you get all so worked up. have you ever thought that they might be right?? also, look in the mirror before you say others. like what miss d said in her blog, you can judge others and others cannot jugde u? wtf? u queen ah? everyone will get judge and gave expectations whether you like it or not. accept it and change. not reject and become a loser. life is NOT a bed of roses missy. deal with it. and you speak of all those things that you say you will do but not so often but seriously, have you ever considered why they will think of you as a goody 2 shoe? why they're shocked when you say things that you wouldn't say or do things that you wouldn't do? don't you think then, that you are trying too hard in the 1st place and being hypocritical about the whole thing? think about it missy. and get a life.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

i don't like this. i don't like this at all. my life in in danger. serious danger. it's all because of chris and his little admirer. ha. i guess his charm is too big for cassandra to resist and it seems she just wants him for herself. it's bad enough that she want's to beat both chris and xiao jun up cause he rejected her and xiao jun looked at her friend, now i think she'll want to beat me up too. and all because i'm closer to chris then she is. i'm so dead. but then again. seriously, did you ever look into the mirror before liking someone? guess not. no matter what, i'm still going to die cause chris said he like me to her to get rid of her. and i think it's going pretty well since she changed her target to melvin. but the thing is..melvin is my honey! wth? ha. i'm so gonna die. somebody please help me. i need bodyguards. right now. like my nick says: Chris, i don't wanna kena wack. Melvin, i don't wanna die.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

after three days of getting back into my work life, i realised that it's been a long time since i used my whole body's muscles. just after a short 3 days, my feet hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts. i've injured my hands twice and i did a million of things wrongly. my brain cells are slowly corroding away. i seriously need to do something about it. it's a wake up call to go do some exercise. will power is a powerful weapon and it is sadly one i don't possess. i need to get back on track soon. remising in the past is not going to get me anywhere. i don't want my life to go downhill while the scales are going up scale. i'm losing my social life and my health. go figure.

`what the hell is wrong with me?

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

holidays~! woo!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

i wanna go america's disneyland and see their mickey mouse fireworks! =DD come on billy let's go! it's a date! =DD

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today's fireworks totally rocks!! woots! all hail America! Singapore lose until face also dunno where to hide ah. Even if Singapore and Italy combine, they also cannot fight with America ah! they smell also cannot smell America's fart ah. haha. woots! America totally rocks man! Awesome!! woo! america america! woo! high man.

today's the last day of school! yeah!! everybody dance with me! we celebrated it with nick dancing and we shooting it. haha. damn funny la. ask me. next time i show you all. haha. laugh until i peng. just need to hand in one more assignment on monday and im really free! woots! yeah! come away with me~

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Friday, August 11, 2006

me giving the attitude first? me being insensitive? pot calling the kettle black. whatever la. i don't wish to say anything anymore. anyway whatever i say is always wrong, so why bother?

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we're here at this point again. you will say i'm giving you attitude and i will say so are you. i will say it's always my fault and that you don't understand me. and indeed, you don't. you don't and i think never will understand what makes me tick. you will never understand how i feel and therefore will always be thinking that i'm giving you attitude. and you know why? it's because you never understand and have hurt me. it's always like that. it's all very simple actually. people have pride, people have feelings. people are senstitive, people are emotional. until now, i still don't see the main point of that call. i don't think i ever will. so you call me and ask me how many people i called to celebrate xj's birthday and your tone, interogating me izzit? so firece for what? i already settled all of it with xiao jun already then you stillc ome and question me until like everything also my fault lidat. i don't why must you react in that way when xiao jun already said ok. if you think there's too many people then i don't go la. no big deal. you can enjoy yourself tmr. my attitude sucks, your attitude sucks too. i'm a girl, not a guy. you always hurt me and always will if you don't understand how i feel. i'm not your buddy, i'm your girlfriend. you can't always talk to me like you talk to them. have you ever thought about how i feel when you talk t me like that? guess not. well, congrats, you're free to go alone tmr. go figure.

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i took great pains in editing my friendster profile and pictures. somebody better notice. haha.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

i love the zoo. every time i go there i leran new things and regain my love for the animals. haha. so cute. white tingers are on the brink of extinction! save them!!!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

today is a very fruitful day. i got my formal wear and bought 2 accessories for my apple. woo! my next aim is to buy a trackpad film for my ibook..anybody know where have? the apple shops at wheelock and cine all sold out le =( zhiwen, u no where?? haha. i was SO tempted to buy that apple wireless mouse! but it was quite useless cox only got 1 click so ya. lidat i might as well buy the mighty mouse. hmmmmmmm.

so in the end the end, i still went to see our singapore fireworks. we didn't make it to the esplanade but we saw it form the supreme court. we went to the 2nd level and climbed over the railings to the outside and sat there to get a clearer view. it was not bad at some parts. but the colours were only red and white. wth. but overall, it was ok, not bad. the bottom ones were much nicer but too bad we cannot see them from the supreme court. woo! fireworks rocks! =)

note to self. NEVER shop and walk around in heels for the whole day.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

oh ho ho! i'm so proud of myself! i only have writcom left to chiong as i already do finish my radio and speechcom today! woots! stupid writcom. nvm. chiong arRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

yeah! hols are starting next week! woots! come on! shake with me! woots! celebrate! billy too! woots!

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beautiful things don't last long.
Sunday, August 06, 2006

my title for today is - beautiful things don't last long.

went to watch fireworks with the gang today. italian fireworks. absolutely beautiful. singapore can go hide their face in shame. and, to top that off, we saw a totally and i mean TOTALLY HOT HOT HOT guy!!omg!!i could have just fainted there!omg...tall, handsome, tan, strong. shit man. how can anyone be so perfect? his smile was SOOOO charming too. oh my....another reason for Singaporean men to dig a hole and hide. and yes, just like the fireworks, the guy lasted for a few minutes only. hai. see. beautiful things don't last long.

hey! that's my ball!

ballies at esplanade.

the wonders of zoom, zoom, zoom!

world peace

want to eat?

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Friday, August 04, 2006

fuck. i fucking cannot stand people malign me know. fucking cannot. even if it's a tiny matter of whether people say i say things that i didn't. it fucking irritates me. to the core. i hate it when people fucking always think they're right, like they're the queen all must hail to her. i mean come on la, so what if you are my mom? you don't know nuts about me k? you don't even know my favourite colour or what kind of food i like. so buzz off. it really irritates me that you always think you are right. ALWAYS. and the thing is even if you are wrong, you always ALWAYS act that you are right. even if you know it know. fuck. and never once, never once in my entire life have i ever heard you say sorry to me if you're wrong know. NEVER know. even when you know that you are in the wrong know. you act as if nothing has happened and will try to find another fault at me to say so that you will still be right, to save your stinking "face". all you care about is your "face" never my feelings. fuck.i HATE to be maligned and it happened twice in a short span of 15 mins. fuck mom. fuck. congratulations. you manage to get your daughter really pissed off at you. big achievement mom. you did a really great job in understanding me man. really great. you ought to get the best mom award man. really. congrats.

to those reading this. get this and get this good. I TOTALLY SERIOUSLY CANNOT STAND BEING MALIGNED. FUCKING CANNOT. FUCKING HATE. so don't go threading on my waters, you won't like me when i'm mad. it won't be a pretty sight. never is, never will.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

yes, i am going to be a mean bitch today. sometimes old people just don't know their limits and today i saw a very perfect example. Some old people think they old then they big and think that everybody in the world must give in to them and hello? i think it is time for time to wake up.

on the MRT today, there was an old hag sitting beside me looking all so grumpy, sad and wrinkled. And my was she a sad old woman, not only did she looked horrendous with her down turned smile but she was also a very wicked old witch at heart and not many old people can be that mind for that i must salute to her. So, she was reading her stupid Chinese gossipy newspaper and she opens her hand so damn big. she was practically cutting into my space. and being the deprived old virgin that she is, she kept pushing my hand because my hand is in her way. i mean hello? this is MY space? stick to yours lady! and of course, me being me, i will NOT stand being bullied by an old hag! where am i supposed to put my face if word leaks? so i ngei si push back, the more she push, the more i push. whahahaha. alamak..that old hag ah, never go see mirror see she how old already still wanna fight with nian qing xiao mei mie like me. please la, know your limits. this kind of people is really don't know how to write the word 'die'. of couse, i won in the end. she moved to another seat and kept on grumbling lo. and this ladies and gentlemen is what i call jian gu tou. simply cannot stand. she still keep on staring some more, even when she wanna get off the train. and of course i won't give up so easily too. i simply diaoed her when she moved her seat and stared at her when she got off the train. take that old witch!

and it is because of people like them that just refuse to pass away that Singapore is an aging population. and make us, the younger generation suffer and work our guts out because of them. ugh. see how evil they are?

i really don't understand why some old people are so like that you know. first is jessi's uncle in the MRT and next is this stupid old tart. i mean, seriously. this group of people is really those kena beaten and die outside also dunno why. and we wonder why Singapore's death age is on the rise.

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