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rain rain go away
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cb week cb week cb week.

please cb week, fast fast pass and go away.


[edit] Kym says: TMDKNNBCCB WEEK!

danced on the moon at 10:36 pm.

because you light up my life.


danced on the moon at 8:12 am.

stupid girl
Monday, January 28, 2008

i was sitting on the bus yesterday when it stopped for a while. then this girl, kid, sitting in front of me, turned back and asked me:

"why the bus stop huh?"

na beh. LIKE I KNOW LIDAT! i know i look smart but stillllllllllll.TSK!

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i have an abusive bf
Friday, January 25, 2008

hello world.. firstly, i would like to welcome ming liang back into civilization. welcome you welcome you. had fun these past 3 weeks eh? the coming field camp sounds SO exciting. HAHA! poor thing needs to book in by 8pm sunday. sad sad sad. good luck man. haha. remember what we discussed about your underwear.

tv on thursday was okay. tian mu was my guest. thanks SOOO much for helping out. i know you're having some personal problems now and you have to rush down from work so you weren't really in the mood but you still came. THANKS! without you we really can hug together die already. thank you so much! =D

anyway, call me song but seriously. i have NEVER seen someone so skillful with the knife before. i know he's a chef and all but STILLLL! like wth. if only i could cut and cook like him. omg. i no need to da bao outside food anymore. every time i eat my own food i cooked i also happy. you should have seen everyone's faces when he touched the knife. everybody was like WHA la! woo! so skill so skill! i am SOOO impressed! woo!

tian mu and aini. note yi song at the side. he was the first one to rush there and ate the dish up. GREEDY SHIT!

this is the zai dish he created. tuna mango salsa japanese style or something like that la.

the black black thing on top is CAVIAR wor! and YI SONG THAT PIG ATE IT ALL! shameless! i don't care. i'm going to eat it on tuesday! humph! NO MORE FOR YOU YI SONG! ha! i'm going to ask tian mu to secretly prepare 1 HOT 1 JUST FOR ME! whahahahah!

anyway, went to celebrate char's birthday at fisherman's wharf today. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY YOU ALL CHEAT MY FEELINGS?! i want cheap and nice food. not cheap and kns food. belly good. you all bluff me. is not nice at all. i am going back to my fish n co next time. worse thing is don't have my favourite mussels summor. BOO! ha. photos and video will be up once char send me!

han did another 1 of her situations again! ha!
*preparing cake for char. i am passing the candles to han so she can poke it in.
*passes the big candle, she pokes it in.
*passes the small one.
at first i thought it was the colour. so i changed the colour and passed her another small one.
*she refused it AGAIN!
han: pass me the big ones 1st!
me: *looks at her, stunned* but there's only ONE big 1 what!
han: *looks up in shock* OH!
*both of us burst out laughing
me: say hello to my blog again man.

i saw this DAMN cute baby on the bus! =D kidnap kidnap!

look who i saw when i looked out of the window of the bus! like OMG! seriously! it's been SOOO long since i've seen mr singh and he still looks as anal as ever. and i have a question. singhs ride bike no need helmet one meh? their turban SOOO thick meh? so unfair! if let me find out that he must wear helmet, 1st one to call mata to catch him is me! oh ho ho! retribution for catching me and making me staying for detention so many times in secondary school. humph!

see how irritating kelda is? i am so sad. why do i have such friends? SIGHHHH!!!

and to end this post. let me show you the cleverness of my bf. he always say some nonsensical nonsense just for his sentences to rhyme.

1. die like a fly
2. laughing like a muffin
3. kidding like a pudding
4. handy dandy like mandy and sally
5. roflcopter

i totally have NO idea what no 5 means but he uses it because he's lame. i swear i am so clever beside him. HAHA!

and he's abusive! he punched me in the face while taking the bus! haha! okay la. not exactly punch. the bus suddenly stop and he never hold anything so he fly behind then his hand hit my face. kns. ha! but nvm. revenge is sweet because i see him fry from one end of the bus to another. haha!

ok la ok la. you know i lub euu la! hahah! =)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

i know it is damn cliche but words cannot express how i feel or want to tell you now.

because no matter what, you are always there for me. you're always there to hear me rant and scold people. you're there when i'm angry, you're there when i'm sad. you always hear me out and be non judgmental. you always stand by my side and help me out whenever you can. even if it means going out of your means to do it.

you're willing to get up super early in the morning just to pei me. you're willing to stay up with me till late in the night just to make me smile even though you are sick. everything you do, you do it for me. without complains. and you know me. inside out. you know how much i need you by my side when i'm angry or sad. you really are my motivator.

i know you don't hear me say this often but i REALLY appreciate all that you do for me. every time we must part i will want to say this:

"you make me smile, please stay for a while."

and you really do make me smile, so please do stay for a long long while. you're my rock in my world. thank you for loving me. =)

you cut me open and i keep bleeding love.

danced on the moon at 1:44 am.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

because even a glimpse of you can make my day.


danced on the moon at 12:46 am.

my oh my
Monday, January 21, 2008

today is a retarded day.

situation 1
french teacher: what is 5 + 4?
kym: 7!
french teacher: *in french accent* 7?! *open eyes big big*
me: *looks at kim* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

situation 2
french teacher: you never come last week?
some girl in french class: ya, i put my MC in your pigeon hole already.
french teacher: um? i have a pigeon hole?
girl: ya.
french teacher: ohh.. so where is it?

situation 3
*i am sitting down at the tables infront of co-op at canteen 1 while char is standing in front of me.
*char said something irritating.
*i make stupid face at her.

*siraj walks past on the 2nd floor while looking down and saw my stupid face.
siraj: !!!!!!!!! *opens eyes big big*
me: *stares at him in shock*
siraj: HAHAHA! hello!
me: hehehe! hello!
siraj: HAHAH! okay! *continues laughing and walks away*
me: *shoots dirty look at char* you see la! i make stupid face at you then siraj saw! no image alr!

anyway, i felt a lump in my mouth where my ulcer was during french class. which i DO NOT have (the lump) this morning. at first i thought it was nothing and just a small lump so i didn't really care. then after french class while waiting for char, i took out my mirror and see. and then........

DENG DENG DENG! like WTF?!?! SERIOUSLY! wtf is that in my mouth?! looks like a fucking blister la! machiam jelly no! but it doesn't hurt at all. can somebody please tell me what is that. i hate to have an unknown growth in my mouth. OMG! I AM DYINGGGGGG!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! *runs away while flailing my arms around*

danced on the moon at 4:56 pm.

boo hoo hoo
Sunday, January 20, 2008

BOO HOO HOO! why why why why why?! why did i miss my lao gong's concert! now the whole world is coming to tell me how good his concert was!


okay jessi! set alr! nxt time he come, WE GO! it's a MUST!

zhou jie lun... here i come!


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my bf is retarded
Saturday, January 19, 2008

yes, all i have to say is, my bf is retarded!

HAHA! thanks for tonight pig. you know i had fun.


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i am not stupid
Friday, January 18, 2008

hello! to prove that i am not stupid. here are a few scenarios.

situation 1 - kella chai mei zi
*i'm coming out from the toilet cubicle and kelda was waiting for me at the basin.
*kelda was "hiding" behind the wall, waiting for me to come and scare me.
*best is she stand infront of the MIRROR. so i can see her SUPER excited face.
kelda: BOO!
me: -_- i bet you didn't know i can see you from the reflection.
kelda: EH! na beh la!

situaton 2 - ben dan a.k.a. pig
*on the phone talking about KUKU BIT virtual land nonsense.
ben: don't laugh at my BIT, skali you go inside they got hologram bring you go france.
me: -_- ok.
ben: then change bring you go china.
me: -_- ok.
ben: then change bring you go paris.
me: but paris is in france what.
ben: really meh?
me: yes! paris is the capital of france!
ben: oh! hehehe!

situation 3 - han huilian, sarah
*refilling water bottle at water cooler. struggling at it too cox she holding a lot of stuff.
me: aiya, i help you la.
*presses down the water cooler button.
han: oh! can press down 1 ah?
me: -_- talk to my hand.

situation 4 - still han hui lian comma sarah
*double checking the capital of france.
me: the capital of france is paris right?
han: really meh? florence!
me: -_- wtf.

see see! i am not stupid! ha!

and no, i am not emo anymore cox some pig called me last night to un emo me. HEHE! i lub eu las! hehe!

anyway, i have TONS of work to do. one for each module. wish me luck people. bye byes! =D

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shameless people of the world unite
Thursday, January 17, 2008

shameless people are all around the world. but today, it seems all the shameless people around the world have decided to gather themselves at ngee ann poly. yes, indeed. shameless people of the world unite.

ngee ann's open house was today and we had to share a booth with japanese club. guess what? the shameless people who arrived earlier than us thought they could use ALL the tables at OUR booth! originally, we had 2 tables. 1 for them, 1 for us. but charlene went to ask SDAR for another one. and they gave it to US. and those absolutely SHAMELESS jap people, went to use OUR table. note OUR. assholes.

see see! 长得 so 抱歉 already still dare to do this kind of thing. SERIOUSLY. SHAMELESS.

see see! TABLE STEALER! you all shall rot in hell! and we are supposed to take the RIGHT side of the booth because our name is on the right. SHAMELESS set up theirs on the right! TSK!


anyway, i hate open house. all the stupid kids come in and flood the school. worse is we have to be zoo animals and let them stare at us while having class. TSK!

freaking ants.

i think the only thing that came out good from the open house is SOLER! they are SOOO handsome can?! oh de my de god. summor they sing is DAMN nice. they he ying is the best man. woo!

handsome boys! =D

any any anyways! TV today totally sucked! pls don't get me started on pf. i swear. he is shameless too. ASSHOLE. we spend 2 hours doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and rehearsal after that was crap. fuck. UGH!

anyway yi song was being annoying again. he stole one of my shoe and threw it in the guy's toilet. so I had to GO IN and get it myself since he is such an irritating monkey. and since i was in there already, i might as well take pictures right? so ya.

no wonder the guys toilet always no queue. freaking look at the number of urinal stands and cubicles! i counted already. 10 urinal stands and 5 cubicles. means 15 pp can do their business tgt compared to the miserable 3 or 4 in girl's toilet!

the only downside is guy's toilet no full length mirror!

anyway, i saw this girl on the bus while going home today. she SERIOUSLY reminds me of nicole tan.

what's up with the frown man? she was constantly frowning ALL THE WAY la! since i got on till i got off the bus. CONSTANT FROWN. omg. such a powderful figure. aren't her muscles tired? i hope she knows that 10, no, maybe 5 years from now, she'll have many many frown lines and wrinkles on her face. omgosh. PERMA FROWN. maybe it's botox...

anyway, i'm feeling super emo today. being emo is tiring. all i wanna do is sleep. SIGHHHHH!!!!!

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FSV is hard work 2
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this post is specially dedicated to the shoot that day. like i said, FSV is really hard work. we shot till 1 plus 2 in the morning? i came at 1pm. i think production crew is the most sad one. they reached wayyyy earlier than me and left later than me. and it is supposed to be like that. so ya. FSV is hard work.

of cox, coming all the way down to jurong west, waiting for me to finish and sending me home is also SUPER hard work. esp when i end so late. thanks. your face is like a muffin. you know i love you ben. =)

this will be a SUPER long post. but mainly on photos. so ya. no need to hear me rant so much this time. happy right? ha. humans are such visual creatures. tsk tsk.

male lead. female lead.

to shadow is to fill in my own prince charming. ha.

yes. i am caught emo-ing.

shut up about my eye bags.


i seriously dunno why i was pouting.



caught slacking.

JJ looks like my body guard. haha.

my face is SERIOUSLY a BALL. na beh.

kiss me baby! haha!

ramly is the best. ha.


say hi to my fat toes. they're waving to you.

we had steamboat for dinner since it's the props anyway.

nigel: "why does derrick eat so much?"

retarded. HAHA.

caught sleeping!

charcoal steamboat.

yu sheng.

production shots.

xiuqi leads a sad sad life.

mr singapore wor. i'm serious.

woo! sexy~! HAHA!

everybody is just so hard working.

photos from TV some time ago.

that machine i am holding is the camera btw.

my signature face. yes, we have sofas in our TV studios.

MACBOOK AIR. so near yet so far! SIGHHHH!!!! $2,988 and $5,088 sia! think we print money! >=(

danced on the moon at 9:06 pm.