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Thursday, October 26, 2006

nonsensical ramblings huh? plastic huh? good, very good. if our friendship means this little to you both then so be it. fuck you.

danced on the moon at 2:44 pm.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

yes, me is back. it's long isn't it? almost a week since i last blogged. and i know, i know. you all miss me to bits. fine. she here i am. yeah. ha.

JESSICA LI JIA YI. why u lidat y u lidat? huh huh? u tell me. huh huh? why you always take 'my best friend' this word and gua your mouthside? huh huh? ho la ho. me shall now write an exclusive fo you. no say no have. you you, you this woman, dun think you RP row of honours i scared you ah. haha. careful the 1000 words girl beat you to it ah. ha. do your rj on time man, later stuck in the rain like today then you know ah. and yes, over the years that i have known you, we have shared crazy times together, ever since our playground days. haha. remember we used to pai 'quan jia fu'? haha. and remember our 1st neoprint? so yuan shi! haha. with our sai bin and all, i still have it! haha! me is actually very grateful to have you as a friend. not everybody can say the fuck word natuarally and still look cool. ha. you is a very good friend because you we can have fun with and gossip! haha. you talk crap and me like. haha. people who do not know you may not be able to take your sharp tongue but i think after years of experience i can handle it just well. ha. and you have like a totally cool dad. haha. your house, we must hang out in there more often. haha. and you seriously must teach me the art of painting your nails man! haha! yours is always so perfect can? me jealous. haha. you i like cox we can carry out intelligent conversation and gossip about other people. haha. yes, the good old hua days. oh wells, next time, maybe we can gossip about your long lost friend. =)

KIMBERLY LUI YI QIN. you also, huh huh? why you lidat why you lidat? me no like people lidat. always act busy busy then dao me ah..tsk tsk. me no like. haha. you is seriously a very good friend. you is a very good listening ear and me like. =)) and the thing is some people, just listen. you, you listen and give comments. although sometimes the comment may not be what we would like to hear but it's the comment that we NEED to hear. and i'm glad you do that, not many people can do it but you do. it's good, like a wake up call. but most importantly, you crap. haha! ever since i got to know you, my handphone bill has been on the rise and you have been a bad influence on me. haha. asking me go play pool and late night suppers and durian feasts. haha. but i like. it's the little moments like this that makes our friendship stronger. and i admit, our firndship may not have been the best, we been through rough patches but we came out well so ya. THIS is what i call true friendship. you've been there for me when i needed you and i really thank you . =) and yes, of cox we do all those crazy things together, ha. why you pee in the public? y? haha. still in playground summor. haha. and me no like beer. y u influence me drink alcohol? y? u tell me. haha. plz dun ask me drink beer. haha. oh and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!! =))

danced on the moon at 10:50 pm.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

graph com! woo! i LOVE this module! we get to use eMac coms, we get to go home early, we get to slack, we get to go online, we get to crap and most importantly, we get to wake up late! haha. woo! so exciting! this has GOT to be my favourate module ever! woo! and this lecturer is SO slack and funny! woo! i'm loving it! =DD

danced on the moon at 3:20 pm.

Monday, October 16, 2006

oh ho ho! me is back to blog. today is first day of school. wha. best ah best. my timetable is damn cocked. monday ah best! everyday end so ah! esp hate mon and tues ah..power! but this sem the modules and lecturers seem interesting enough. haha. me like. mass comm lecturers all damn zui ba jian 1..damn power. haha. but i like. lidat then can keep me awake in class. oh ho ho! i never sleep in class today! i'm so proud of myself! =DD

danced on the moon at 7:19 pm.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


the past.

mid autumn's night!

look inside my lantern.

sch's playground.

all our lanterns.

my lanterns!

be jealous, be very jealous.

carrie chong and me.

we love beatty!

danced on the moon at 3:15 pm.

i'm not angry anymore. me is at peace now. i have seen the light. haha. and it is official. billy is my kai xin guo. there's something about him that ALWAYS makes me feel calm and peaceful when i talk to him. he just makes me smile. :) talking to him is always very easy and he is a nice person to talk to if you have problems or just wanna talk. he's always there for me and i just simply love him. =))

i can't wait for august to come then by then you would be back in singapore for your hols! then we can meet up and maybe plan a 2e1 chalet! ha. be sure to inform me about ur flight! i dun wanna miss it like how i miss sending you off to america. i was SO sad then cox i couldn't see you to the airport can? haha. i wanna be there when you arrive! hahas! i can't wait! take care of yourself ah? and remember our disneyland date! =)) miss you loads!! =))

and of cox, there's can i forget about you? ha. you included me in your close friend list and invited me to your bdae party no. but yes, i am heavy colour light friend and jeremy comes first so, sorry! haha..i still owe you a meal, dun worry. ha. you were always there for me when i needed you no matter what the reason. you were there through my ups and downs and you never fail to crack me up. and i AM greatful to all that you have done for me. =)) and did i mention you can say the sweetest things? ha. i love your praises cox they are all very sweet so thank you! (: and i believe in you! haha. so cannot pang seh me hor. ha. you're a really great friend and i love you loads. school's starting for both of us so take care yas? miss you! =))

and who can forget susu gang? ha. even if i try very hard to forget you i also cannot ah. some people i can six relative no acknowledge but you i cannot. because we are all drink water think roots people. and yes, we ARE bitchy. we possess same traits like being late, being boyish and having SUPER jian zui gong. some people say we look like sisters, ha. maybe ah. ha. we both know each other's secrets, crush and hubbies! haha. what else is there to hide or say about my best friend who has been there for me since god knows when and always like chris, never fails to crack me up. she's my inner me whom i can talk to freely about anything and everything. we do and say stupid things together all the time and always have fun together, even if it is just the 2 of us. we think alike and no matter if its shopping, dinning, chilling or even playing at the playground, we both have ways to entertain each other. we even saw bathed together so i can safely say we know each other inside out. ha. yes, i treasure my best friend of 5 years more than anything else. and i have to say that DOREEN TAN PEI ZHEN i love you the most!...after jay! ha. and even though you like gays and pigs but i think i can overlook that! ha.

and of cox last but not least, i must specially mention my dear dear, jeremy chow. haha. yes, you were there for me just like all of them was but you were different. you showered me with loads of care, attention and love. you're full of crap, your attitude sucks, you're awfully firece but i still love you loads! you i like to talk to because you are 1 of the few in which i can carry out an intelligent conversation with and you talk a lot of nonsense and you can say the sweetest things. you pamper me a lot and is the only person who can carry me when i jump on you. haha. and above all that, you treat me like your little princess and never hesitates to pay or buy anything for me. and I LOVE YOU!! =DD take care in camp ok? *muackx* *muackx* miss you!! =))

danced on the moon at 2:35 am.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

what the hell is the world becoming to? huh huh? you tell me? i was feeling fairly fine when i came online. so i thought i'd talk to somebody before to complain about our long lost friend and was expecting to get some lousy defence for his friend from this person but no, this person chose to tread on my waters and asked me to stop beating around the bush and said this "let me get straight to the point...if u dont like him, he jolly well dont like u either. dont ask me why. i dont know either. and if u wanna complain, just go and smack his face and ask him to see your blog. I'm not standing on his side watsoever but dont expect me to do anything about it"

WHAT THE FUCK?if u're having a lousy day then so be it. you don't need to fucking take it out on me ok?

point no. 1 - nobody is expecting you to do ANYTHING at all, it's not as if you can be much of a fucking help.

point no. 2 - yes, i wanna complain and i thought you would be understanding enough to listen but i guess i thought wrong. i thought SO wrong.

point no. 3 - i ain't beating round no bush and if u can't see the link it's purely because you are dense.

point no. 4 - i won't go slap his face and ask him to read my blog beacuse if he doesn't have the sincerity, so be it. AND i'm not as uncoth as you to use my fist.

point no. 5 - it's not my fucking fault that you have a serious outbrust on your face and your love life is going downhill. maybe if you try to understand girls just a little bit more better and treat them better you wouldn't wound up like this.

point no. 6 - if both of you have kindly forgotten, i'm a GIRL. no matter what my actions are, no matter what i say, i am STILL a girl for god's sake. normally, no matter what both of you do or what both of you say, i would just take it jokingly because i know both of you don't mean it. but everyone has a limit to their patience. i know to both of you, i'm just like any other guy friend you can get, i dun even look like a girl infront of you two. and normally, i know it and i take it. but now, you guys have crossed the limit. i AM a girl you know, no matter how boyish i maybe. i HAVE feelings and they are as sensitive as any other girl's. if it's anything, you both have crossed the line and hurt my feelings. i hope you see it.
so do NOT fucking get on my nerves. you wouldn't like me then. and i KNOW why.

danced on the moon at 11:47 pm.

apparently, the loading of photos have some problem today. i shall try again next time. till then, tata!

danced on the moon at 9:20 pm.

ok..i'm here today to tell you about my life this few days. 1 word. HELL. ha. so i have moved to live with my neighbour, an old lady cox she lives alone. then, after a few days, her son is back, so we gotta move AGAIN. this time even better, with ah heng and family. best already. win.

so, i went to NYJC open house ytd with doreen, osborne and ming liang. and we went there wearing beatty u!haha! zhong dian is i dun have my beatty uni anymore so, i went in ming liang's beatty u! haha! cool man! and then the deejays from 98.7 were there promoting and stuff. carrie chong and shan wee. woo! ha. the heavy point is that carrie chong from far far spotted me cox of my dress sense and asked us which school were we from. haha! and she said that my birkens and nail colour was nice. haha! funny man. then i went to osborne's hse and saw well. haha. sec 3 already still shorter than me. power. ha. then we went bowling. please don't ask me to go bowl. i will dian di. haha.

there's something i HAVE to say. SOME people, i shall not say directly who but let's just call him sitoh. this person here. me no like. me really really no like him. how can the earth have somebody like him? huh huh? how? you tell me how? REFUSE to acknowledge our exsistence no. REFUSE. ta ma de. think we invisible ah? huh huh? we treat you as friend that's why will call you ok? and what did we get in return? huh huh? dun even give us the decent respect of looking at us straight and say hi lo. mother never teach you manners ah huh? kao. then the whole time that we were there you look also never look at us once lo, let alone talk. kao. treat us like dirt lidat. you think you big ah? give us this kind of attitude when we NEVER even did anything at all to you lo. kao. do we seriously deserve this kind of treatment? you think la. kao. repent and reflect ah. fuck, fuck you. you think you big fuck. we no need you to live lo, we still get along just fine. you know the irony is that last time after 'o's you still talk about keeping in touch and all that stuff. *snort* i see where it goes alright. shit you. the heavy point is i still cannot get over the fact that we actually lost to may lwin. MAY LWIN for god's sake. i just simply don't understand lo. when you saw her ytd, you were like a moth attracted to a flame lidat. RUN ah, run to her and say hi and chat. fuck, fuck you. we mean nuts to you but may lwin means the world? god. how irritating can you get? 4,5 years of friendship and it all boils down to this? and we don't even know why? god. i hate you. i really do.

danced on the moon at 8:24 pm.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i am bored. no internet connection for 1 month is going to kill me. rahhhhhhhhh.

danced on the moon at 5:53 pm.

Monday, October 09, 2006

super loads of things have happened these few days. for example, we celebrated mid autumn's festival! haha! fun fun fun! i shall post the pictures online to let u all see next time. went k with shone n ming liang ytd. surprise surprise! haha. it was ok..haha..i never say anything =X and my hse is under renovation! ha...i'm squeezing in one room with my whole family now. room to rent anybody? ha. btw..went out with the gang to play pool today and *er hm* I WON EVERYBODY!! whahahahah! call me queen man! haha...nvr once was i at the loser's table. haha! pool anyone? ha! oh and erm, happy birthday chris! has. hope you find your dream girl soon! =))

danced on the moon at 11:53 pm.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

i've discovered tt osborne chan AO BANG seriously does not have enough tutorials to do. he's ALWAYS tagging me with these tags that i don't know where he gets them from. ha. oh well, our sadistic love. haha! anyways ao bang, your pop up problem..i believe it is called spy ware and obviously u got it from a webbie that you ain't supposed to go to. tsk tsk, what did i warn you about your p***?? huh huh? ha. get a computer expert to fix it man. there's nothing you can do, you're infected with viruses and i believe you know why. tsk tsk.

1) Single, taken or crushing?

2) Are you happy with your life now?
yes. i'm an easily satisfied small town girl. haha!

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall in love with him fast?
i guess so.

4) Have you ever been heart broken?
if i haven't then i know nuts about love.

5) Do you believe that there are some circumstances, where cheating love is acceptable?
i dunno, maybe.

6) Would you take sumone back even if he cheats on you?
depends really.

7) Have you ever talked about marriage to someone else before?

8) Do you want children?

9) How many?
2's fine.

10) Would you ever consider adoption?
why not?

11) If someone likes you now, what do you think is the best way for him to let you know his feelings?
drop subtle hints..every girl likes the wooing. ha.

12) Do you enjoy getting into relationships?

13) Do you believe in love at first sight?

14) Do you believe you can change someone?
me no god. me humble human being.

15) If you could get married somewhere, where would it be?
hmmm...tough one.

16) Do you give in easily when you are fighting?

17) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
did you miss question one?

18) Do you ever wished that you could have had someone but you messed it up?

19) Have you ever broken a heart?
you bet i did, a lot in fact. haha.

20) If one day your best friend falls in love with the guy you are deeply in love with, what would you do?
me no like mr pig and she no like jay.

21) Are you missing anyone right now?

22) Now you have to ask 5 of your friends to do this survey in their blogs. Write down their names in the list below.
hui xin.
yu wen.

danced on the moon at 3:09 am.

Friday, October 06, 2006

did you ever see the past flashing through your eyes when you saw someone? i did. all the bad and the good just flashed by and i think i remembered all the good ones better. =) i met up with 2 friends that i didn't see in a long time today and i found out that things hasn't changed one bit. no awkwardness between us at all, i feel just as comfortable around them just like before. and it felt good. =)) one even remarked that i didn't change 1 bit and was still like before. ha. i dunno why but i felt happy. very happy. i guess it is because things didn't change. =) esp. with the other 1. i looked at him and the past just came flooding back. i momentarily felt like crying because of all the time and feeling we lost during this period of time. i started wondering what would things be like if i didn't choose the path that i chose last time. what would become of us. and i really dunno. i just felt so happy to see both of you. ha. i secretly wished things were like before but they aren't so i just have to accrpt it and move on. ha.

i'm yaddaring nonsense and i think u all put alcohol in my food. haha. i'm feeling the 2 extremes now, i'm happy until i like drunk lidat, cannot walk properly, acting stupid and having a verbal lau sai. but on the other end, after the happiness fades off, i feel like crying. real hard. i dunno why, but i just do. you just make me wanna cry because i think of the past. RAHHHHH...

i'm mad. did i tell u guys my plans for my future? i'll let u all into 1 secret. i'm the love of osborne's life. so my plan is next time when we get married, we'll live off my brother. haha. i'll force him to.

danced on the moon at 12:37 am.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

i was uploading new friendster pics just now when i started going through all my friendster pics. then when i saw the ones when we took on graduation day, i just cracked. haha! it was SOOOOOO funny can? esp. osborne in the group photo. damn tok gong la his hair. haha! i see already also scared. haha! and there's one pic where me n reen n kim took it together then the background got melvin. you should see his face man. funny untillllllll.haha. i cannot tahan. oh. and there was this new friendster pic i uploaded also damn funny. haha. you all should go see too, just to brighten up your day. has.

melvin soo hyne waye! i hate you! why you act dao and act dunno me? y? me is so hurt can? i hate you. rahhhhh! *sticks out tongue with saliva spitting out*

haha! cool man!

group photo!

osborne is so zi lianing.

ha. stressed.

even more stressed.

i can 't believe how gay they can get. notice shone at the back. haha.

opps. ha. like i said. we're all VERY stressed.

sexy~ ha.

very funny meh lidat wear?

danced on the moon at 1:04 am.

we're back to square 1 again. i don't like it when people question me about what i do when i already said i didn't. i DON'T like to be maligned. yes. i am petty if you see it that way. so be it. i hate you.

danced on the moon at 12:08 am.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

i am SO in shock. i was just browsing through friendster just now when i saw this dominic name show up. i was kinda wondering which dominic it was as i have tons of them in my friends list and so i clicked. and OMG!!!!!!!! SO SHUAI CAN?!!!! haha! i just simply cannot tahan! omg! i was half expecting it to be the dominic from suntec but i turned out to be my primary school friend. omg omg omg. why? why lidat? he was like a TOTAL transformation know! omg. he used to be this botak xiao pang no! then i see his friendster now..i feel so inferior can? he became this SUPER SHUAI GE can?! OMG. i cannot believe it lo! i cannot believe that he became SO shuai..although he's prue chinese he looks like a mixed now lo! si beh shuai can!! and the plus side is he's awfully rich! god. his girlfriend is so god damn lucky la! and to think he used to be quite a good friend of mine. shit man. we should have kept in touch! ha. plus, he's ang mor pai. i can't believe what i'm missing. ha.

danced on the moon at 8:26 pm.