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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh my fucking god! it did it again! twice! and i spent so much time loading the damn thing! fuck! rahhhhhh!!! I HATE FIREFOX!!!

danced on the moon at 3:33 am.

i was watching supernatural and it was going to end in 4 minutes and guess what? fucking firefox died on me! oh my god! i swear i could smash my laptop on the floor now! damn!!! rahhhhhhhh!!! i am angry! it was going to finish!! now i have to load it all over again! bahhhhh!!! and i'm going to watch finish tokyo juliet soon! no more wu zun soon! has no meaning for me already. haha.

oh and btw, I LOVE HUI XIN. haha. (((((:

danced on the moon at 3:29 am.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

hello everybody. i am back! haha. i am watching tokyo juliet on youtube now and i tell you, the wu zun i shuai untilll...wha kao. fainted. summor all his pants inside all SOOOOOOO tight know! alamak, see already peng san. haha.

and i got a job! haha! call me cash register doctor! haha. i install and maintain cash registers. haha. but actually that's just a name la. haha. all i do is check all their serial numbers and that's it. the rest of the dirty work is all the guys do. haha! perks of being the only girl. whahahaha! and i like the feeling of being the only person in the WHOLE departmental store and try out all their stuff and no one is there to stop me. whahahhahaha! woo! this job rocks. senang untillllllll....whahahahah!

danced on the moon at 5:08 pm.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

my concerns are always small things to you. no matter whether it is about you gambling or even smoking. since you think these are small matters, why even care asking about how i feel or think? everything about you to you is a small matter. you always say i let to get over small things like that but i am SORRY. to you, these may be small things but to me these are HUGE things. you promised me that you n=will never smoke again. PROMISED. do you even know the meaning of promise?

promise |ˈpräməs|

a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen :

[ reporting verb ] assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen


i'm not angry because you smoke know, in fact, i accept smokers. i have many friends who smoke, but still, i will ask them to try and cut down on their smokings. i am angry because you PROMISED me that you won't ever smoke again and now? you still li zhi qi zhuang de tell me all those bull shit excuses as to why you smoke. why can't you just accept the fact that you are in the wrong and stop arguing? you are contradicting your own words and making me hear them just makes me sick. it makes me sick because even though you know you are in the wrong, you still make it sound like you are in the right. FINE. smoke all you want. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. and the same goes for your gambling habit. i don't give a fuck whether you can afford to gamble or not. all i know is that gambling is wrong. every time i see you on the com is when you are checking on your soccer matches. can't you to something else to enrich your life? every time you also must use the ATM to transfer money to your friends. you can save these money up one you know. your friends ask you to do what then you do what. ask you to go and die you will go and die a not? whatever la ok. if you wanna let your money and health go down the drain like that, i don't fucking care anymore cox it's not my life. WHATEVER.

danced on the moon at 5:52 pm.


I would like to say that I never meant to make you cry,
I think about you everyday, no matter what your friends might say,
Everybody knows my name, even thought I'm still the same,
I just would like to say that I, I never ever meant to make you Cry

I would like to know why, there are clouds in the sky,
Every time I fall in love
and I would like to know why I'm sitting here on my own.
I would like to know why, when I find a nice guy,
someone I can lean upon
I mess it all up and then I wonder why I'm all alone.

Tell me if you think that I'm talking way too much,
Tell me if you'd like to stay in touch.

I would like to say that I never meant to make you cry,
I think about you everyday, no matter what your friends might say,
Everybody knows my name, even thought I'm still the same,
I just would like to say that I, I never ever meant to make you Cry

Sitting on the sofa, letting life go by,
Thinking about the Early days
Thinking about the times when I heard you with my crazy ways
All I wanna do is look around for you, yeah drive until the break of dawn
Tracking and calling and pleading till your coming home

Tell me if you think that I've been a bit too much,
Tell me if you'd like to stay in touch.

I would like to say that I never meant to make you cry,
I think about you everyday, no matter what your friends might say,
Everybody knows my name, even thought I'm still the same,
I just would like to say that I, I never ever meant to make you Cry

I didn't mean to be so cruel, I didn't mean to let you down,
So sorry for the rain on your parade and all the pain you must have gained because of me.

I would like to say that I never meant to make you cry,
I think about you everyday, no matter what your friends might say,
Everybody knows my name, even thought I'm still the same,
I just would like to say that I, I never ever meant to make you Cry

danced on the moon at 1:56 pm.

Friday, March 16, 2007

how can you take it as though nothing happened before and ask me to relax? and even say i think too much? and even dare to ask me what i want? do you even know how that makes me feel? i really don't know why i even bother trying you know. seriously. all i ask for is to be visible and NOT transparent. do you even understand a not? all you do and say now is just to fu yan wo..i just want my friend back. ='(

danced on the moon at 3:57 am.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

you know, i seriously don't get guys. i mean, what the hell is wrong with them anyway? what does dragging something on and on for a long period of time bring them? does it bring them a lot of joy to see girls suffering? huh? what does the cold treatment fucking mean anyway? i'm sorry for using vulgarities but i am really very angry. i don't like the hu leng hu re treatment AT ALL. i hate it when people tuo li dai shui, esp. towards relationships. if you like just gan gan admit that you like can confess already for god's sake. if you don't like just say it out loud that you don't like! what the hell answer is don't know anyway? what's so difficult in saying yes or no? just fucking follow your heart already! i hate this! i hate to wait! i hate to have undecisive answers like that! i just wanna know once and for all so that i can move on with my life. that's all! i pretend i don't care but actually i do! i care fucking hell a lot! so please stop playing mind games with me and fucking tell me already! i don't wanna be a fucking pawn in your fucking game if you think this is what it is! god! ugh! i hate it man! i hate you! rahhhhhhhh! they should invent a guys for dummies book man. SERIOUSLY. oh! and you know what is the ironic thing? the ironic thing is your msn nick actually put "if don't want just say so once and for all kaoz..." god. so you know how to get frustrated with people like yourself too. i am amazed.

luckily for me, i have super duper duper great friends around me to support me and be there for me. you know who you are. me love you guys. =))

and luckily for guys, you guys have a saviour. did i ever tell you all how much i LOVE billy? haha. yes. you never read wrongly. BILLY. he is my new BFF. haha. and in the future i will move to indiana to stay with him for a month just to get away from all these crap. ugh. did i ever tell you guys that i wanted to try to stay in a small town where everybody knows everybody? where people all live in small little red bricked roof houses and have white picket fence. wouldn't it all be so nice, simple and sweet? that's why i say, indiana with billy is the place for me.

danced on the moon at 2:03 am.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

did anybody know that we cannot digest seaweed? i didn't know that. haha. wanna know how i know? ok, i tell you all. i went to the toilet after eating seaweed and when i started to clean my butt, i realised that my shit looked very much like seaweed and it is GREEN. haha. so i looked down into the toilet bowl and omg. i thought i saw seaweed soup. haha! really! all my shit was actually and only seaweed. it was super gross as every time i cleaned my butt, i saw seaweed. haha. it was gross but interesting. haha. you guys should try. haha.

danced on the moon at 10:12 pm.

cheers to single hood and boos to bastards.

danced on the moon at 12:38 am.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

after so many days passed, i have decided to finally blog properly. i have officially finished watch hana-kimi and it started with a kiss. and i think corner with love and heroes are ending soon too. boo. life is so meaningless after i watched finish them. double boo.

and as i was going home 1 day late at night, i saw something that made me feel utterly disgusted.

yes. do not be mistaken. the guy took OFF his shoe on the MRT and fell asleep. the worst thing? he was still wearing his sock. oh de my de god. for a better view.

gosh. what are singaporeans thinking now a days?

and now, i shall reveal my favourite dog of all time to you.

cute right? happy is a cross schnauzer. that's why he's so big.

here's a close up. haha. cute lei. SO much better, slimer and healthier than xiao fei. whahahahaha.

and finally, my last announcement for the day.

this guy here is looking for a relationship and positions for being his girlfriend is now open.

profile: name: wei ming
personality: humorous (and i'm being really serious, he's really SERIOUSLY humorous)
height: quite tall. 1.7 plus? haha
body: normal
the rest: find out for yourself. haha.

anybody interested can contact me. haha.

danced on the moon at 1:45 pm.

Friday, March 09, 2007

boo. boys are stupid and it's making me irritated. >=(
i am the BIGGEST IDIOT in the world!

nvm. i will self meditate under the stars tonight. i love the night. the breeze is cooling and the crickets are quiet. all i can feel is my own heartbeat and the sound of silence. the air is always fresh and the stars are always shining. don't the night make you feel calmer? i know it certainly makes me.

danced on the moon at 11:41 pm.