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Sunday, September 28, 2008

i think i secretly have a fetish for complaining cause recently i have done that a lot. just today, i sent 2.

Motivated by yi song and a prospect of a new free phone, i email nokia a week ago to complain about my phone. This is what i wrote:

I am a loyal customer of Nokia phones for years and I have to admit that the earlier phones were reliable and sturdy, phones that I could trust and use for years.

However, after changing my phone to Nokia 6500 slide, your product has constantly given me trouble and has required me to go down to your repair centre for countless times - all for the SAME problem. My phone CONSTANTLY blacks out, restart by itself, hangs and fails to receive/send out calls and smses. It's fairly new seeing that i got it this feburary.

I went down to your repair centre ONE month after i got it as the problems were starting to arise by then already. Since then, i have been down countless times and is very tired and unhappy about going down again as they DO NOT help get the problem fixed and i have to re enter all my important data. They have tried to send it to woodlands to get it fixed but after it came back, the problems still persist.

I am HIGHLY disappointed in this product and demand compensation to be done. and no, it is not a problem with my SIM card or firm ware. They have updated my software and erased my data millions of times but nothing seems to be helping.

I am VERY upset and i hope that you can get back to me soon. And no, i DO NOT want to send my phone for repair AGAIN and demand for compensation.
Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

And in return, they sent me a computer generated reply to say that someone will get back to me within the next 48 hours. It has been a week since i sent that letter so i sent another one today demanding they reply me or else..

Hi, I emailed Nokia on the 21st of September about my phone being faulty and demanding something to be done about it.

Nokia sent me a confirmation email stating that i will get my reply within 48 hours but it has been A WEEK since i sent my email and still no reply.

This is very unacceptable. i am HORRIBLY upset with your product AND your service.
Please DO reply me within the next 48 hours as i am getting very impatient with Nokia. Thank you.

and so i shall wait another 48 hours before i make my next move - calling them and demanding their utmost attention and service and make sure they pay until they must tuo ku zi pao. and i will. sending them the second email is like an ultimatum to them so they'd better be panicking over there on their little unproductive island before i call and make their lives living hell.

and! just yesterday, i was yelled at by this asshole indian bus driver on the bus which was SOOO pai seh and thus, he's gonna get it from me.

Hi, I am a daily commuter of SMRT buses and so far, I have no problems with your bus drivers until yesterday.

I was having a bad day yesterday as I was sick and was on a hurry to get home and rest. I boarded the bus before my boyfriend and forgot that my wallet was in his bag so I waited for him to board (he was just behind me) and took my wallet from his bag. While doing this, his zipper got stuck and it took a bit of time before i could get it out.

While I was trying to get his zipper to unzip, your bus driver was VERY impatient and YELLED at me to ask what I was doing.

I was VERY offended at that point as it was VERY obvious what I was doing and I was sick and didn't appreciate getting yelled at, especially by strangers, when I did NOTHING wrong.

My boyfriend had to explain the obvious to your driver and your driver was unapologetic and even angry about the whole thing.

I find this extremely upsetting as I didn't do anything wrong seeing that I DID pay for my bus fare, I didn't really hold up the queue and I didn't break any of the law on the bus. There is absolutely NO NEED at all to yell at us and embarrass us in front of the whole bus. This has made my whole bus journey very traumatic and upsetting.

Just because we are teenagers, doesn't mean we don't have the right of normal human beings like maybe showing us a bit of respect and basic customer service. If we were adults, I highly doubt we'll get the same treatment from your bus driver.

How can we choose public transport, especially SMRT, if we can't even get basic respect and customer service from your bus driver?

Please do something about your bus driver and your service as a whole and get back to me ASAP. The driver was an Indian man with a moustache and glasses.

Your bus driver caused me emotional distress and public humiliation. I sincerely request something to be done about it. Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you.

see? what an asshole. cross me and DIEEEEE!!!!!!

better my ass!

danced on the moon at 10:00 pm.


isn't life just full of celebrations? birthdays and festivals alike. especially if you're a singaporean cause we have SOOOO many festivals to rejoice about! for example, the recent mid-autum festival and ms and mr tan's birthday.

around a month ago, we celebrated doreen's and shone's birthday. it would have been ming liang's too IF HE DIDN'T BACK OUT LAST MINUTE WITH MR CHAN AU BANG! so, as i was saying, we went to town to celebrate their birthday! we had ajisen for lunch then it was off to comex to squeeze with the crowd and mindless walking around. when?! when will money drop from the sky so that i can buy all the apple products i lust?! le sigh.

yummy cake.

so sweet together. hehe!

KUAKUAKUA! sibeh tak glam.

off to comex!

last week, we (jessica, doreen and i) celebrated the mid autumn festival right here in toa payoh! haha! we had pastamania for dinner, speaking of which, it has been so long since i've had pasta from there and i must say the food was not half bad. then played with sparklers at the playground below my house and ate raffles mini snow skined mooncakes (thank god for free stuff!) around my dinner table. i heart champagne truffles! =D and despite us telling her not to point at the moon, doreen still pointed at the full moon many times. she is so gonna get her ear cut off by the moon man. haha!

her face is in a akward expression cause she was scared of kena-ing the sparkler! haha!

gila already.

we're all having fun.

i totally burned my thumb lighting the sparkler. DAMN smart.

after walking jessica home, doreen stayed over at my house and we stayed awake watching family guy the whole night and talking nonsense. see? she helped me in watching finish family guy. she still xian qi me for watching cartoons but in the end she was the one who kept on wanting to watch the next episode. tsk! btw, she was hungry in the wee hours of the morning when some bus service just started. crazy! real girls don't eat. haha!

danced on the moon at 5:52 pm.

Friday, September 26, 2008

just watched finish the latest episodes of bones and criminal minds and WOO! so exciting! both my cute boys on the show were back! bones was especially nice this episode cause eric went back to guest star in the episode! woo! it's DAMNNNNN nice! AND! criminal minds was damn exciting! with so much action, it keeps you on the edge of your seat! not forgetting, dr spencer reid is still cute as hell. hehe!

conclusion ofthe day is i heart both show especially when they both have cute guys! =D

gonna hit the sack now! hehe!

danced on the moon at 1:23 am.

criminal minds.
Thursday, September 25, 2008

hello all! i am VERY excited cox in a few hours time i can download and watch the latest episodes of bones and criminal minds! zhong dian is the criminal minds. so exciting lo! they ended last season with a hangercox one of their squad SUV kena bomb and they never say whose! woo! so exciting i can't wait! woo! i hope it's not cute dr spencer reid. hehe!

and! in a 2, 3 hours time i would finish my download of heroes season 3 episode 1! woo!

AND AND AND! I AM VERY TU LAN! cox my stupid ds give me problem! my sims2 file somehow got corrupted and i have to play all over again! TSK! like wtf is this?! i'm almost finished alr lo! TSK! worse is i'm stuck at the simpsons game too! TMD! RAHHHHH!!!! all my games are screwing me up! TSKKKKK!!!

P.S. the simpsons game is DAMN fun! woo!

danced on the moon at 1:31 pm.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hi, before i start on outings that happened months ago, i shall talk about my friends for a while.

case 1: jessica li jia yi
*scanning through doreen's photos and sees a photo of her dog.
jessica: how come your dog got all those dots on its body one?
me: isn't that her nipples?
doreen: that's her nipples!
me and doreen: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

case 2: doreen tan pei zhen
me: what is 4 x 7?
doreen: 21
me: fuck you! 4 x 7 = 24!
doreen: eh?
me asking chess club: what is 4 x 7?
me: it's 28! WHAHAHAHAHA!
doreen: nabeh! correct me also correct wrongly! hahahahah!

case 3: kelda chai mei zi
me: what is 12 - 5?
kelda: *very quickly* 11

haha. btw, have you all noticed the heat spell nowadays? SO FREAKING HOT!!! OMG!!! i dunno whether it is only me but ya. it is soooo freaking hot, i think i'm slowly losing weight cause i sweat so much nowadays like a 24/7 sauna. shit man! WHERE ARE YOU RAINNNN?!?!?!?!

AND AND AND!!! zhou jie lun got new single! OH HO HO! it's called dao xiang or something. i can't be sure cause after years of not using my chinese, it has drastically deprove and i have problems with reading it. haha. ok ya. but the heavy point is his new single is outttttt!!!! woooooo!!!!! hello new album! =D

okay. moving on to outings. both of which are with jessi. the first one is from a wayyyyy long time ago. from when we went shopping at town to bishan and ended up at their coffee bean. haha.

face depicts *really nice caramel coffee!*

went and got myself a eye mask! guess which one i bought!

tadah! princess was really tempting though.

we're so good at acting cute! haha!

paparazzi shot.

lesbians on the loose!

sniff sniff. haha.

spot the mistake? and to think that they proudly print many of this and stick it all over their shop. tsk tsk. what is management doing?

moving on to outing 2. shopping at vivocity! =D

lunch at the chicken rice shop. although we totally look like pigs with so many dishes, this is what we usually order for 2! haha. FINALLY! a pic that i look SUPER skinny in! haha!

i spent many minutes trying to capture perfect shots of my buys which are...


and useless but cute stuff at daiso! haha! i bought hello kitty masks and pooh bear big cotton buds! woo! i feel damn happy with them. =D

i heart this photo.

hello beach!

my, what small eyes i have. kuakua!

dinner at shih lin and yes, we totally look like pigs again but it's delicious! *licks lips* just thinking of it makes me hungry again... *pouts*

what an uncomfortable and weird seat facing the wall. we spent most of our time reading the wallpaper. haha!

back to playing sims 2 on my ds! *flies away and fades into background*

danced on the moon at 10:59 pm.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i don't know if my status now would be categorised under busy cox i'm not working any more and neither do i plan to just yet. most of the time i just either play my DS lite or watch my shows. so no, i don't think i am very busy and therefore has came up with the conclusion that i am just plain lazy to blog.

i have to confess that i have thoughts of shutting this blog down but after seeing so many encouraging messages about my blog and my friends need it to know what the hell is going on in my life, i have decided not to but is still too damn lazy to update.

i am constantly taking photos for my blog and i tell myself that i will but in the end i will get distracted by some other stuff and not blog for a long long time and my photos from a million years ago will accumulate. le sigh! what the hell is wrong with me?!

nonetheless, i will constantly try to update and blog until all my photos are in the clear.

so in my desperate attempt to race with time, here's a recount of the church outing which happened early last month. went to matthew's house for a gathering in which his dog went totally bonkers upon seeing me in a bad kind of way cox it kept barking. i seriously wanted to hit it over the head with the saucepan. never have i had a dog be so mean to me. ass. ha. but anyhow, we all went to *yum yum* thai express for dinner at thomson plaza.

ala carte dinner. NEVER buy this steamboat thing. it's DAMN small and damn cut throat.

like i said. just look at their expressions and you know.

but the soup is still damn yummy! look at them gorge!

cute but disgusting tasting dessert. the cuteness is just a decoy for us to eat them and kena con!

random photos time!

beancurt i say?

dehydrated mango. that's actually very funny. haha.

you'll never drunk alone alright.

i just thought that this ad is damn cute. i like the little men. haha.

ahhh... a love that was never meant to be.

my nose is very sensitive to dust and so i DO NOT like to pack my stuff cause even the littlest of it will send me into a sneezing fit which will then result running/block nose. and so when i packed my shoe cabinet the other day, i used my eye mask to be a mask substitute as i do not have masks at home. i am so innovative right? i know! tsk. it hurts to be so smart sometimes.

ben's friend here says he looks like thomas ong when he was young. self-proclaimed in fact. i almost laughed myself to death. HA!

i took this in a cab on my way to the airport to pick kim up. i was trying to capture the tower within the confines of the taxi but alas! i totally forgot i had my flash on and i panicked and moved which explains the photo. but i think it turned out quite well no? haha. i think i scared the uncle...

cute watsons plaster. did you know they came in snoopy?

sibeh cute. haha.

if i played the guitar, i would so totally buy that caravan guitar. haha!

ahhhhhhhh... *cue heavenly music*

i left out this photo on my science center entry. haha!

bacon wrapped asparagus coated with honey from ajisen IMM. SUPER YUMMY PLOX!

hi lesbian partner. =)

danced on the moon at 12:32 am.