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not happy!
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i am utterly, totally, absolutely, not happy! >=(

why why why why why? why starhub come out with a student plan with 2000 sms and 200 mins free calls when i JUST renewed my contract?!


suay like no tmr! >=(

and my favourite thai restaurant is no more! the only outlets they have left is in pasir ris, east coast and south buona vista. like thanks.



SIGH! on a happier note, here's 2 interesting conversations i had with my friends.

*we were eating long john and i ordered the skin-on potato chips.
han: *looking at my chips* so what do they do with the inside of the potato?
me: what inside?
han: *VERY PROUDLY* i know! they make french fries right?! see, don't think i dunno.
me: *more confused* huh? what inside?
han: the potato chips, skin-on ma. so they only peel the outside of the skin then the inside lo.
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!! -_- there is no inside, cox this is the whole potato already. *points to center of chip*
han: *realization dawns on her and is shocked* gasp! HAHAHA!
me: HAHAHAHHAHA! very good, still so proud say french fries! this is going on my blog. HAHAH!

*new coffee machine arrives in her office and she goes to make coffee.
*press button and waits for coffee to finish dispensing.
char: *LOUD LOUD, machiam her house* eh! why so little only?
*GM (general manager) of her hotel walks pass.
GM: cox it's an espresso?
char: ............................
*GM proceeds to tackle the coffee machine FOR her.

woo! very wonderful. WHY?! WHY DO I HAVE SUCH FRIENDS?! WHY?! *grabs hair with both hands and runs around in circles while screaming*

on the other hand, TOLD YOU I'M SMART! haha!

p.s. to miss DOREEN TAN PEI ZHEN. hello? is YOUR internet got problem pls! people from everywhere can email me and recieve my email. only you cannot recieve my email lo! so you think you DBS vickers very big la? hai bu shi no internet access? your lotus notes got problem lo!

EEEEEEE!!! no internet access! EEEEEE!!! *points finger at you disgustedly and runs away as if you are dieseaed*

*turns back and shouts from afar, "I PI SHI YOU!" points both index fingers downwards, then runs away again*

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fire! fire!
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hello world! i am currently VERY VERY busy watching TVCs on my laptop. WAHAHAHHAHAHA! very good. i am procrastinating to doing ANYTHING at all and have decided that watching TVCs are the best. taking into consideration that it is also part of my job is to watch the companies past credentials, i have taken itas my responsibility to watch all their previous TVCs. so technically, i'm still doing my job. HEHEHE!

and so exciting! the fire alarm just rung and everyone panicked! we are all going to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! hahahah! woo! so exciting! i love fire drills! whahahaha! run! run! panic! panic! (apparently, it's just a false alarm)

went to my first meeting today. one word. BORING! can't believe i still had to do a summary aftedr that. best. woo! it is never best to attend to meetings in the morning because they just make you wanna sleep more!

i have successfully spent my day watching my TVCs. other than doind the Singapore Video Tenders and the APEC meeting summary, life has been a breeze today.

oh, and guess what. the fuckingly stupid boring research which i have been procrastinating to do wll these while about national marketing and cultural diplomacy of other countries? it is for a fucking presentation in july. like thanks. yay. happy new year to me.

sigh. i have no choice but to do it tmr. =(

but first of all, back to my TVCs and after that if i still have time, ISWAK 2. KWAKWAKWAKWAKWA! =D

p.s. apparently ismiati, our beloved doraemon web master is VERY unhappy that she is in the auntie gang. so from today onwards, she shall join us, the young gang. congratulations on your elevation of status to join us. =D

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Monday, March 24, 2008

hello world. i am not very free now but i am once again procrastinating becasue i have already done half of what i am supposed to do which is the Singapore Video Tenders. i spent my whole day doing that... BUT! this only means i have to go back to doing BORING research which i am TOTALLY unhappy about. sigh sigh sigh.

i have decided to bring my laptop to work tmr. tonight i will load ISWAK2 ep 15 on my laptop 1st so that i can watch it tmr when i am bored. KWAKWAKWA. very good. i seriously think i'm very smart. *snigger**snigger*

i have SOOOO many thing to blog about but i just don't have the time to! maybe tmr i will blog with my laptop at work. KWAKWA!

screw reserch man. seroiusly. screw research.

okay. i is going back to my game of solitaire already...

solitaire's the only game in town~~

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

everybody please just shut up and go away.


danced on the moon at 7:23 pm.


because time is like sand.
once it falls away, it can never come back.

little by little it passes by,
before you know it,
it's time to part.
i know that it is too much to ask,
but time spent is just simply never enough.


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so so so
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

check out the belly goo engrish used by the minstry man. WOO!

anyways, hello day 3 of work. so in the end lunch with geri was postponed to tmr due to the rain. =( but nvm. because on the bring side, work was FINALLY fun today. i played bomberman! =D

all the aunties went to meeting so there were only us the interns left doing nothing! woo! havoc man. haha.

us 3 slacking in the cubicle.

danny lawwwwwwwwwwwwww. thanks for the doughnut IDIOT.

foo yan qiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (she's super aunty but very cute la. ha.)

check out the pp pruning the grass outside. it's like they can literally roll down the hill any moment. super funny. and the grass really looks SUPER nice to roll down on! haha!

note to self: please bring charger to work. flat batteries are never fun esp when you have so many photos to take!

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fuck windows
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There are a million reasons for me to hate Windows and here's a VERY prominent one.


YES! FUCK YOU WINDOWS! you fucking making my day a bad day. 2 fucking days in a row you keep crashing on me and i HAVE to keep calling the IT help desk. i swear the guy who keeps coming down hates my guts already. he probably memorised my name and cursed me to the deepest level of hell by now. the people downstairs probably have my number on their caller ID and fucking AVOID answering my calls by now. every fucking time you HAVE to hang. they already changed my computer THREE fucking times already! grrrrrrrrr!




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attachment blues

and so begins day 2 of my nothing to do attachment. yes, i spent my WHOLE day yesterday acting busy while doing nothing. because my supervisor came for only 2 hours and didn't assign me any work to do. the only thing i did which was work related was reading a WHOLE bunch of dry and boring annex of APEX and Singapore Video. period. very good. i was bored to tears please. most sat key is my computer spoiled and died on me, thus giving me no access to the internet AT ALL. very good. sat key. sitting in my cubicle, i almost died. however, time seems to pass very fast here which is good. cause i can't wait to get out everyday.

the place here is not that bad. the people seem nice anough though 90% of them are aunties and fuck you char. i am NOT the leader of the aunty gang. aunty gang go your hotel LV to shop during lunch time k? mai siao siao. haha. time lunch we go eat together la.. our work place so near also.. i made plans with geri to eat with her on wed already and her work place is at china town. one stop away. haha. good right? woo!

pictures of my work place are below, but first let me talk about what happened on sunday first. sunday went jamming with ben. ok fine, may not with ben but accompanied ben to jam but still, it is the same. so ya. however, went to his house for dinner first and he cooked for me sia.. hehehe!

MAGGI MEE! hahaha! dun lidat see my bf. although it's only maggi mee but it's very nice! =D nicer than the ones i cook.. =( sad sad sad. haha. and yes, i swear it is very nice and i am very touched. =)))))

after a few minutes. chang chang! =DDDDDD

so ya. we wnt to the jamming studio and look what it's called! jamming studio! wow! how innovative! =DDD

this is ben's friend and OMG! he is ABSOLUTELY cute! just look at the way he wears his specs. HAHA! so cute la! ben says he is a nice guy.. so.. char! i intro to you la! haha! =D

and look at the notebook he carries around! hahah! piggy lei! plus points! haha! best for you alr char! cute to the max! ha!

and look at the sat key note they posted on their door.

another attempt to corrct the first one... but failed MISERABLY.

yup. persons alright.

so so, enough about bad engrish already. moving on to photos from my workplace. i'm working in MICA's national marketing divsion btw. %*$@#%&^%$!

coolios walk way.

my cubicle.

my work space. =D yes, that is my personal phone and com. so phone/email me if you're bored!

i'm a civil servant.

here's my number.

here's my email.

woo! i FINALLY have work to do already! so yup! off i go! *flies*

P.S. if my photos are all labelled wrongly, please do not blame me. i am having a VERY hard time blogging because the stupid computer here totally sucks. cannot see my photos at all. so i am just blindly labelling by memory. so ya. sorry!

P.P.S. all photos were taken with my old phone because i sent my one for servicing. sigh. that's the problem with pretty things with no substance. they really are pretty things with no substance.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

attention attention people! i have very important news to announce! first of all, beatty military band is having a concert soon and i will be performing in it so please do come down and support. it is really VERY sad to perform to an almost empty hall.

date: 4th april 2008 (friday)
time: 7.30pm
venue: beatty secondary school hall (stop sniggering)
price: FREE (so shut up about the venue already)

so ya. considering the fact that it is free, please do come down and support. of course, seeing me play is a VERY big bonus. BHAHAHAHAHAHA!

2ndly, i frigging PASSED my advertising! woo! very good! i am very happy with my results. i can fly to the moon already! *flies to the moon* WOO! ziggy finally did something right.

anyways, like i said. band camp time!
day 1 of band camp.

yes, we are ALL wearing our ex-co tee. HAHAAH! hao lian but i like!

this is how our band room looks like.

seow ling looks so sat in this photo. haha.

day 3. they were having formation competition.

team 1. they won although they only played the B flat scale. ha.

team 2.

team 3.

great attempt on the heart though.

ALL their formation were crap. i laughed until i peng. but ya, good attempt.

i so totally CANNOT stand hat girl i circled. look at her face you know is nothing good already. but wait until she open her mouth. OMFG. SLAP PLS! totally cannot tahan! everytime i go she HAS to open her trap and annoy me. idiot. whiny and bossy like fuck. worse combination ever. i CANNOT believe she is my successor. please. just kill me now. the band has taken a downwards spiral since i left. ha! and i seriously dunno wtf li pong is doing in my shot. it is like last min she pop her head in. another one whom i cannot stand but not as bad. see her pose/face/shape you know already. totally wtf.

myunsi is SOOOO cute. paul frank people. paul frank. ha.

this is the difference between a good camera and a not so good camera.

good camera.

not so good camera.

and this is why sometimes i prefer a not so good camera. my pimples are automatically ignored by the camera and because the picture is not so clear, i look SOOOO much better. sigh sigh sigh.

anyway, i FINALLY packed my cupboard afterr 4392847901 million years.

this is after packing. shut up. ha.

i also packed my shoe cabinet.



i packed the outside 1 too!

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of myself! woo! =D

i dun really like shoes that show ALL my toe cleavage. =/

went to food fair with han and char on fri, then to holland v. yes, i'm officially going to grow fat and die. and i swear the essential brew food made me lau sai like fuck the next day. lousy service summor. no more! >=( and this woman in the food fair. whole day screaming 冒烟就好了! 冒烟就好了! *rolls eyes* idiot!

random photos time.

i just found out the conductor that look like yan han, has yan han's name too. EERIE!

look at this SUPER cute boy! =DDDDDDD

typical singaporean tissue paper! haha!

HUH?! hahaha! so jing bao my photos. ha!

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overdued 2
Thursday, March 13, 2008

hello world! long 时间 no 看见! i is finally free and refreshed enough to come back and blog. so here's goes a super long entry.

Friday, 7/3/2008
went out with kim in the day and reen joined us after work. we went to queensway, mustafa, town and lastly doreen's house. kim is going away nxt mon and i can't send her away! boo hoo hoo! fuck attachment man. seriously. i'll just die.

jessica li jia yi! look at the amount of hello kitty stuff i found in mustafa.


toothbrushes with MANY MANY pattern.


water bottles.

and of course, not forgetting my spongebob. oh ho ho!

oh! and check out this coolios suitcase i found in mustafa!

comes in black too! haha! polka polka.

i personally like this pink and red hush puppies suitcases.

very cool.

yeah. get a clear and insightful understanding of the KING OF BOLLYWOOD sia. woo!

at fish & co.

woo! what a pretty nightie! =DDDDD haha!

hi. i am a huge and ugly mutated cow.

Sunday 9/3/2008
ice skating with the gang without doreen obviously. *ROLLS EYES*

they say you can never be too prepared. haha!

luckily i brought my own gloves! if not i HAVE to wear those absolutely fugly construction worker/gardener gloves like they do! WHAHAHAHA! see see, don't say i buy gloves got no use in Singapore. woo!

then off we went to town! sweet..the boys are finally playing together... haha!

dinner at ajisen's! and i CHANGED my volcano to ribs! yes. be amazed. but i still lao sai. so i ruled out volcano to be the reason for my detox sessions. and therefore, volcano is still my favourite noodles! =D

woots! lucky lucky! =D

then we went back to tpy popular and asked the magical 8 ball, the ever unspoken question all in our minds...

"will ming liang and doreen ever get together?"

and the answer is...

HAHAHAHAHAH! woots! it's fated! hahah!

so true, so true.

was talking to sarah online about the plans for the next day.

see see! secretly hate me! ha!

Monday, 10/3/2008
tanning with han and char and zyun. the sky was unforgiving. sigh sigh sigh. it rained and shined both at the same time. like wtf do you want?! ha. but ya, that was not the point. heavy point is EVERY SINGLE ONE of them GOT a tan, while i got nothing but a STUPID sunburn! like wtfffffffffffffff...i'm at both ends of the losing spectrum la! @$%$£%*&^! >=(

see! super sunny above and all the dark clouds below. like wtf. -_-

woo! bathing women out in the open! and no, they're BOTH NOT naked. thank you very much.

bathing women as my backdrop! haha!

note the lather in her hair! haha!

kelong! HAHAHAHAHA! veily nais SARAH HAN, veily nais.

i have finally cut my hair people! =D please stay tuned for my next entry about wednesday's band camp. =)

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