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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

some stupid personality matching cartoon character test from an's kinda true and the best part is..........


You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend anyone could ever have and never want to loose. You never cause harm to anyone, and nobody will ever understand you or your feelings. You are usually used by others becasue of your good nature and loving qualities. Those who do respect you do so in the most honest way. Life is a journey, you always on an adventure, funny and calm, yet full of too many ups and downs for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people as they are the ones that bring you down... then you will be stress free.

and since we're on this topic already, i decided to take out an old entry and see if both tallies, since the older one is said to be very true.

Life as an ESFP - (Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, Perceiver)

People of this type tend to be: warm, gregarious, and playful; impulsive, curious, and talkative; sensitive, caring, and gentle; social and unpredictable with a great zeal for life; active, responsive, and highly aware of the physical world.
The most important thing to ESFPs is freedom to be spontaneous, have fun, and enjoy the company of others.
They are happy-go-lucky, playful, and high spirited, but may also be distractible, disorganized, and impulsive. While they are affectionate, sensitive, and responsive, they tend to see only the good in others so they may be easily hurt or manipulated.

I am:
`friendly, approachable, and easygoing
`energetic, talkative, and playful
`curious, excitable, and spontaneous
`express concern about the problems of others

How to Love an ESFP (woo)

`Appreciate my enthusiastic and easy going nature.
`Have fun with me - try the spontaneous adventures I suggest.
`Be a supportive and non-judgmental listener.
`Be gentle but specific when discussing problems.
`Try not to restrict my freedom or force decisions too quickly.
`Above all - Express your own feelings and let me know you appreciate the many ways I nurture you.

Tips for Communicating with ESFPs (talk about talk, ha.)

`Be friendly, and yet straightforward
`Emphasize how to help others in practical ways
`Take action! Respond immediately to requests
`Appeal to their common sense

so in conclusion... i am such an angel. haha.

danced on the moon at 11:30 pm.

today i met someone.someone whom in my opinion is CRAZY with a capital C. i realise that even in a bustling town like toa payoh, there can be many weirdos and i think today is a strong example. while i was getting my toast at ya kun's just now, a very weird old man came in. he was standing SO close i tell you, i can feel him breathing down my neck. and the worst thing was that he smelt. and my did he smell awful. god. i could swear i almost was those kinda smell u smell of old people, very sour yet very piercing. not that i'm saying that everyone old smells. just that some don't like to bathe in days and my i bet this one is weeks. his breathing was in short sharp sighs. the clothing he wore was totally off. he looked like a biker from the 80s. leather jacket, head band, long and black fingernails, slippers with grey socks. god i swear he was a walking fashion disaster. he moves crazily and talks crazily. we attempted to follow him just for fun but lost track of him. haha. oh well. i dunno why but weirdos seem to be attracted to me. it's just like moths drawn to a fire you know. great, just great. I'M A WERIDO MAGNET.

danced on the moon at 1:32 am.

Monday, September 25, 2006

i'm officially bored. if i could, i would sleep my whole day away. at least then i wouldn't have to think of what to do next. everyone i know is schooling already. the JC people no need to say will be mugging for their promos. the poly people except for those in TP and NP have already started school. and those in TP are working their ass off. and i, the poor little me is stranded at home alone. and to make things worse, i have no job and my dear dear is off at camp. crap. i'm so screwed.

danced on the moon at 1:54 pm.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

the taxi drivers nowadays arh..outrageous man. crazy, simply crazy. drive dun wanna drive safely, wanna talk talk and talk SO much crap. tok gong. most tok gong is ask for my number and say don't tell jeremy know. say we "very fated" and that i'm very cute and he likes to look and me and kepp turning back to stare when he's fucking driving. crazy one lo! lao bian tai. think i so stupid will give my real number meh. still say what time what time call then take me out to dinner and then lounge. plz. i almost fainted. still ask me dun stick to one boyfriend when he's in army, must open my options. siao 1 lo. open also dun open to you la uncle. kao. siao.

danced on the moon at 9:34 pm.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i'm at home and bored. so i decided to blog. this entry is specially dedicated to those studying in JC. everyday, i see you all struggling and mugging so i've decided to tell you all that you all can do it! haha. all the mugging will pay off and you WILL pass your promos. perseverance and confidence is the key to success. with SO much mugging, i bet you all can definately pass! ha. so come and believe in yourself like i believe in you all! dun worry! jia you jia you jia yous! haha.

i was looking through some of my old entries in my blog and oh my was i childish last time. haha. what can i do? it's really funny to see what you've written so long ago you know, like hui wei lidat. super interesting. haha. you should try it too.

danced on the moon at 3:17 pm.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i'm SO in love with the new N93! check it out man. i LOVE its commercial! totally brilliant! but some parts are missing though..i esp love the part when "great supporting cast" should be heard and gary oldman is clapping with the taxi driver, but it wasn't featured. ): but i'm still totally OBSESSED with N93! somebody get it for me!! haha. =DD,main_n93 (click on TV commercials to see it! =DD)

danced on the moon at 10:25 pm.

i've decided to change my blogskin. it's too old alr. since doreen can change hers herself, i don't see why i can't. i'm gonna learn and sana, thanks for always doing up my blog! =)

note to self: NEVER EVER go out with someone boring. EVER.

danced on the moon at 7:13 pm.

today was relaxing and at the same time fun. ha. i woke up early in the afternoon because doreen's mother was screaming and screaming. i also dunno why her mother like to scream so much. her dog still jump on me summor, like she very slim lidat. good, very good. so yes, i woke up around noon and went to eat lunch at rivervale mall and i tell you, their KFC TOTALLY suck. then we went to chill with the gang at toa payoh. all were there know. ha. so nan de. but too bad forget to take group photo. they all arh, very bad one no. like to talk bad about other people, esp xiao pang mei. why you all llidat? why? ha. then doreen came to my house and we went to douby ghaut and chilled. ha. my day seems boring but it's actually fun ok. time spent with the gang is scandalous and memorable. it's hard to get all hua together but when we do, we usually do loads of crazy stuff and have fun together. ha. cheers mate.

danced on the moon at 1:29 am.

Monday, September 18, 2006 entry for today is very random. firstly, i'm going to talk about dom. he this person is super lean and fit. his body ah, is really one should and would die for man. kao. his infront is really FLAT 1 man. power! fit untilllllll..woo! i stand 1 side and see also happy. ha. but too bad, his face lidat. ha. if not sure got a lot of girls come woo him. summor his ren oso not that bad. he got the seh, got the charisma. and he's actually very clever one, just that he don't wanna study only that's why make him look until he like damn bai lei lidat. but actually he's very clever one. his brain think very fast. think out of the box summor. he is also very mature for his age and won't make you pai seh when you work with him. he will find thing to talk to you even though you have nothing in common to talk about. and, he will stand up for you. this one then good. and most importantly, he is a gentleman. he opens the door for you and has never hit anyone before(although it is really hard to believe but it's true). so, he's actually quite a nice guy. so, you girls can consider him. but, it's just his cliques and his pai kia seh that puts people off. BUT! like they say, nan ren bu huai nu ren bu ai. so ya. ha.

next thing i wanna say is about guys being gentlemenly. i just don't understand why beatty guys lidat. why you all lidat? why? why can't you all be more gentlemenly? i'm saying this for you all good, if not next time how to jio girls? even guys from MALAYSIA can do better then you all lo. you all ah, aiyo, must go repent man. ha. when i started working in sizzler ah, i already can see the BIG BIG difference between you all lei. haha. for example, take ah foong from salad bar treat me drink drinks and watch movie. then watch movie that time still pull down the seat for me. 1st time no! i tio chua, then ah huat from hotside, he treat me eat lor mee and super ex gummy sweets. marcus, wei jie and of cox my jeremy ah all will help us girls carry our bag, send us home, treat us this treat us that. that's why go out with them very song. no need pay anything at all. most importantly, they HOLD THE DOOR for us. why can't you all be lidat? why? why? why you all must so ungentlemenly? why? go out with sizzler guys no need pay anything one no. go out with you all arh, have to pay everything for ourselves. why lidat? why? HUGE difference lei. tsk tsk, you all must all go back fan xing fan xing ah.

danced on the moon at 11:54 pm.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

fuck, fuck you. now you've really hit my boiling point. bias asshole, give cassandra do also don't wanna give me do. no schedule at all? gong bao si chou. just you wait, lilian is coming back REAL soon. i HATE you. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

danced on the moon at 2:38 pm.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

just like randy said "chey lang mai chey bin, chey bin mai chey lan jiao bin." i think, it's very appropriate. randy jiu shi randy. nobody can win his jian zui gong. not even me and doreen add together. good. very good. if it wasn't for randy i wouldn't even be working in sizzler anymore and that stupid siew mai is forcing me to do the exact opposite. why? why you lidat? i fuckiing hate you. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

danced on the moon at 1:46 pm.

why you like that? why? why you must make me angry then you happy? why? i dun like people to make me angry, i dun like to be angry, please don't make me angry. i don't like you, i seriously don't like you. i tried to like you, i really tried. but it doesn't seem to be working. you're always making me flare, getting onto my nerves. making me angry when i really don't wanna be angry with you. really. for example like today. everything was going fine. then you caught us. you caught us red handed playing the kiddy ride. i admit, i was our fault. but. did you really have the need to say all those mean things to us? did you? fuck, fuck you. what do you mean by singapore part timers cannot do a good job, are lazy and lousy? please, don't make me shot back. when i shot back, it's the end of your fucking ego. fuck, fuck you. if it wasn't because singapore's economy need you, you think you can even get a job? asshole. to some extend, malaysians are indeed more hardworking, because why? their standard of living is lower so they need to work harder. if not, you think you all will so ping meh? please. don't even make me start. go reflect and think about whether what you said was correct a not. i'm too tired to say anymore but i will tell you something. what dom said is true, malaysians are slowly taking over singapore.

danced on the moon at 12:41 am.

Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm still raging with anger inside me. fuck, fuck you. all ugly men deserve to die. esp if your surname is siew. it's bad enough that you have receding hairline, oily and mor peng face, you still have a bulging belly and cao lao bin. you really should just go and commit suicide. i cannot stand it when a person is fucking unreasonable and SO cheena. speak also cannot speak properly in english still wanna be manager. later communication breakdown and kena mock by customers i will laugh my ass off ah. i cannot stand people who cannot communicate in english with me. esp for an INTELLIGENT conversation. i think that is the thing you are lacking the most. intelligence. fuck, fuck you. you think you are oh so big with your fake smile and half past 6 english. please. go look into the mirror and repent. you're nothing but just a bootlicker. monkey see monkey do. people do you must do. you got no zhu jian one izzit? when you lose already, you everything also link to lilian. loser. no backbone. i hold no respect for you. nada. zero. why you lidat? why you lidat? i cannot stand people who is lidat. i despise you. i utterly despise you.

why can't you be nice to me for once and let me work my fucking 6 hours? you think raymond go already then you can call the shots. well, fuck. i fucking don't need that pathetic 4 hours of pay. i'm not that desperate. you think i so free? my time can just waste on sizzler like that? think again buster. i didn't go down to sizzler for that fucking 4 hours of pay only ok? deprive me of my sleep and make me travel like shit. you dao tie me also not enough ah. fuck. is raymond call me and ask me to work for 6 hours one ok? it is a REQUEST. who are you to send me home after that miserable 4 hours? and who are you to deprive me of the salad bar when raymond say i can eat it? fuck, fuck you.

and you are fucking bias. dom just come back only you already give him 4 and a half day schedule, i've been working since dunno when also only got 2 and a half day schedule. what is this? you think your miserable 5 bucks per hour is gonna get me through anything? please la. i've been working for so long and my pay is only 5 bucks lo. same as cassandra. what the fuck? are you implying that i'm the same level as her? cause if you are, all i can say is search your soul you jackass. fuck, fuck you. and due to your superb grasp of english, you couldn't understand that i CANNOT work on fri to sun and you idiotically put my schedule on fri to sun. kao, english poor already never mind, still blind summor. buay tahan. and still got the cheek to say you purposely don't wanna put me on the days i can work. please la. i'm not humoured by your pathetic efforts of letting yourself look better lo. ugh. you disgust me to the core.

cut my already fucking pathetic hours summor (chris's included), well if your 5 dollars an hoiur is very big then think again. i'm not fucking hard up for your money. please go and upgrade yourself and do some soul seraching. look into the mirror and think about the ugliness the reflection beholds. fuck, fuck you. i totally despise you. oh, and another gentle reminder to you. please don't EVER get me angry, you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. when i finally explode, all hell breaks lose. so like they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. and my, you better believe it's true.

danced on the moon at 2:12 am.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

zi bai zi bai zi bai! wha kao! fucking tu lan arh!! RAHHHHHHHH!!! zi bai..think i very free. fucking zi bai. early early in the morning wake me up ask me go work. actually from 12 - 6 still ok..then is raymond ask me to go work 1..then after raymond go home, tt stupid mor peng ask me go home! 4 ask me go home alr! ask me work for 4 hours only, fun arh?! FUN ARH?! fuck! FUCK YOU! zi bai, next time beg me to work i also dun wan ah! tu lan tu lan! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! RAHHHHHHHH!!!! i curse you! i curse you to be impotent and no hou dai! then your genes don't pass down oso good! sia suay your hou dai only. FUCK! FUCK YOU!

danced on the moon at 4:35 pm.

long long ago, on an island called sizzler, there was 3 warriors. every night for 3 consecutive days, they will battle intensively. the first night was managed by a man with receding hairline, mor peng & oily face and cao lao. the people he won was only a mere 17. the next night was managed by a fat arse. he won the mor peng by a little with the total no counting up to 26. he still so happy he won the mor peng summor. then, on last and final night, it was managed by a very fit man who used to run his 2.4 ippt with the timing of 8.5+ minutes. he won victoriously with a total of 38 people. and to celebrate his victory, he drew a few drawings. below are the samples. (press to enlarge. esp the last pic.)

guess who's who. see the middle person? so juai, still wave hand summor. the 3rd person brought a basketball to sizzler today. wanna act young.

the 3rd person is hanging his head in shame with his slouching shoulders and fart.

our story.

haha! the others are not even close!

danced on the moon at 12:23 am.

Monday, September 11, 2006

how can anybody feel happy and sad at the same time? but sadly, i do. i feel sad because i'm officially broke and i owe people money. this is call si beh sad case. =( i'm happy because i went shopping and bought a lot of clothing! woo! =D whahahaha! i'm mad. but doreen is even madder. she buy 2 pairs of bottoms also cost more than i buy 3 tops and one bottom. power! ha. hai, people rich is lidat one. i should accept the fact. go shopping also must go to paragon, taka and forum to shop. go inside those branded tai tai shops summor. wear VERSACE specs wanna hao lian already. ha. okok. i admit. is i poor. hai.

`3rd day since you went to camp. missing missing.

danced on the moon at 11:19 pm.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

you know when they say home is your safe haven? well, i beg to differ. home was never and never will be my safe haven. maybe the problem lies with me. but seriously. i just don't like home. DON'T. it's not the house but rather the people i go home to. i just don't like it. don't like them rather. i don't know. maybe it's the rebellious period i'm going through. i don't know. i seriously don't know. you know how i'm like when i'm out with friends. i talk a lot. of crap. ha. i laugh a lot. but at home. it kinda becomes a totally different story. i keep to myself. i don't talk much, not even laugh. i basically can spend my whole day at home keeping quiet and doing my own stuff. my mother even said i was hypocritical. ha. ironic actually. oh wells. i kinda dunno what to say.

hmmm. let's start from tonight. all was peaceful until my sister came home. she made a fucking big fuss that i wore her shirt and said i spoiled it and demanded money from me. i mean. WTF? she said i spoiled her shirt and expanded it. first things first. her shirt's tag was already out when i borrowed it and she said i spoiled it. her shirt expanded in the washing when she wore it that's why i could fit into it. lidat only she say i spoil it. i mean, hello? it was ALREADY like that? god. and everything she does, it's ALL about money you know. i don't know why. all that she speaks of is of money. money is the world to her. everything i do that she doesn't see eye to eye with, it's money for her. she demands 30 bucks from me for that stupid shirt. i don't see why she must stoop to this level just to get these extra cash know. she hell has a lot of money herself, why do this? oh wells. you know what they say, money makes the world go round and greed, my darlings is a bottomless pit. it is never enough. it makes her look seriously hard up and money minded know. doesn't she even think before she acts? guess not. since young she was always the queen. everything she said or did was right, everybody else wrong. if nothing went her way, she would flare and boy did she flare good. she would scream till the whole block could hear and hit everyone in her way. and i guess, i got used to it. everytime she flares, i just shut up and learned not to cry anymore cause it's gonna be of no use. crying and arguing will only get me hit harder.

you claim you ask for my permission before you wear my clothes but you already wore them out then come home and say 'i borrow your clothes arh'. you already wore them out one whole day and you come back then tell me this shit? what am i supposed to say? 'no, cannot, return your whole day to me?' fuck. and yes, i admit that i am fat. i never said i wasn't. and i know my limits and what shirts i can wear and which i cannot. i'm not THAT dumb and hard up for your shirts ok. i know you are stick thin because of the stupid xando pills that we all know you are consuming but refuse to admit. and at least i've GOT boobs. i wear bra of my CORRECT size. i'm not like some people who are obviously flat but still wanna wear bras that are WAY out of range for themselves. like a miserable 70A wearing a hugely misfitted 75B. i mean, come on. don't have means don't have. no use trying too hard. it'll make people despise you. wearing push up bra and stuff things in your bra doesn't help at all. why not just go for surgery? and yes, i admit, you're the pretty and slim one. i never said i was prettier or slimmer than you. people always notice you, not me. you're the sister that has all the genes while i'm the one left with nothing. people also suspect we're not sisters because of the vast difference between us. i'm always the ugly duckling but i've never said or complain anything before so what's you're fucking problem? behind all the attention and glamour you're getting, you look damn fucking ugly. not because of your appearance but because of your character. what are you trying to hide behind the tons and tons of make up you slap on your face everyday? your skirts and shorts are SO short that my friends who saw you wear them said you look slutty. you try to be ms perfect but you're not. and u can never be if you're stupid character stays. i don't even know how your boyfriend can last this long. oh! i forgot. you ARE cheating on your boyfriend with some other guy. poor boyfriend. and please if you wanna fuck your boyfriend or your gig please do it in someone else's room. because for your information, i share the same bedroom with you. i DO NOT need to know what kind of positions you all are learning from karmasutra and i need to sleep! fucking get a room man! and if you're cheating just admit that you are cheating. it really makes me despise you the way you try to hide that guy from us. totally. so what if you're in UNI? big? and yes i AM studying in a poly and it is the HOLIDAYS for your information. doesn't mean that going to a poly is the end of my life ok? i CHOSE to go to a poly and it is none of your fucking business. let's see who will get a real job first after we graduate. the degree holder or the diplomat. at least i'm not a parasite, i go to WORK. oh! and also, at least i still have the moral of not going around fucking other people while my boyfriend is in the army. and worse still. don't want to admit. i utterly despise you.

i feel that i'm a really independent girl cox i can open and close the door by myself, on and off the lights by myself and close, open the windows by myself wash the pots and plates after i cook cox you fucking can't. everything must be done for you. thanks. you make me feel really good about myself. and i cannot imagine how someone can be SO selfish like you you know. everything also you first. god. get a life man. life is NOT a bed of roses.

i feel really good about myself now because at least i don't take pills and still refuse to admit. i don't act like i'm a spoilt brat cause i have my own hands and legs to on and off the lights myself. i don't cheat on my boyfriend and still dun wan to admit summor. i don't think i'm always right. i'm reasonable. i'm not a money minded bitch. i don't wear slutty clothing out. i'm good tempered and most importantly, i HAVE boobs.

danced on the moon at 1:33 am.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

yes, good, v good. i've been tagged. jessi and borne are very bad people. very bad. tsk tsk. 2 tags summor. good, v good.

The 1st one:

Instructions: Take a look at your friends,then list up to 11 things you want to say to 11 different friends. DO NOT state who these people are. DO NOT confirm or deny any "comment speculation". Then tag five 5 people.

(1) cut fat! cut fat! you've been saying that since you were in primary school but why still lidat? haha. i warn you again, if your dog continues to be so violent, i'm going to burn her and make curry. and. i'm going to call mata if your household continues to talk SO loud after 11. and btw, i'm not sure if smoke signals will work cox you stay at such and ulu-ated area that the even the smoke doesn't want to go there. oh wells. you better do something about no sound no vibration.

(2) finally, the superstar auditions are over. please don't bug me about what songs i'm going to sing. ha. this woman, alcholic and gambler. always go chomp chomp and order beer. and not forgetting our late night durian eatings. haha. where can find another bad woman like her? tsk tsk. everytime like scold to scold cu hua summor. tsk tsk. after knowing you, i became a bad people and my handphone bill explode. haha. fuck! fuck you! my jeong woo seong is SOOOOO shuai~! woo! haha.

(3) well, well. you think your fujitsu got msn live big. good. v good. my apple oso got msn. juz tt is 5.0 onli. not dun have ok. haha. this woman ah. i remember pearly last time always like to take your work come and show us. say very good. say your english very tok gong and ask us to learn. and indeed. your english is very tok gong. anyways. we love crocodile hunter! so sad he died! next time we fly to australia and see his grave and pay respects. you this mr brown fan. why you say people mother? people dun like people to say people mother! please dun say people mother! anyways. always remember. we have no rights! we have no say! and we long to be free one day! we will not go down without a fight!

(4) finally i see an improvement on your dress sense. your hair is no longer beaker cut. haha. good. v good. i no u an shuang i say this. haha. yes. we've seen you evolve from tt no dress sense zi bi nan hai till now you this hiao tall freak. and excuse me. that time you win me is by pure luck ok. come one day we will battle it out again! ha. you mugger, you mug so hard, you better score for your promos or else..welcome to mass comm junior! ha. i think we make a mean team together, driving them nuts. remember. no porn. united we stand, divided we fall!

(5) you think i dunno your evil plan? you think i cannot see through you this hyena and see that you plan to wipe out the whole white chinese race? then you are wrong. you are so wrong. i can see it clearly alright. you come in with your tis black chinese race. make urself the emperor and then start breeding and teaching your kids to kayak and become black chinese like you! you wanna wipe us all out! oh, you are evil you. you are evil. hyena.

(6) you. my darling. is a super siao person. always zi high. i dunno why. bishan library is our next goal. remember. next time when we go back band, remind me to pump all of them! whahahahah! they so jia lat lo. i cannot ta han. you. dun think tou wear over 6 months retainers liao yu can dun continue to wear. later ur teeth go back to original position then you know. and when we go back, let's go kick your stupid junior beavis's ass! traitor! boo! remember our disneyland date!

(7) tsk tsk. you this fella. got boyfriend already oso never share. must we catch you all going out together *hand hold hand* then you happy. whahahha! so long no see you. but you still lidat. still i taller. oh ho ho! haha. but u tanner lo. win lo. next time must ask ulfred go your house watch vcd together with doreen then they can play your remote together. haha! oh. btw. you going for kelvin's BBQ? ha.

(8) dearest band craze. haha. from sec 1 till now, the only person i see so faithful and full of passion for band is you. nobody else. you hold the sacred task of going back to the band often to teach and mingle with the juniors. they all seem to like you a lot. even after you left the band. ha. amazing. you have the patient and power to persuade and talk to them. you can even stand their lousy drills! ha. but i'm totally opposite. i can't. and i think they'll probably hate me to the guts and don't want me to return from now on. haha. anyways. you're a good flutist, good leader and wonderful friend. =)

(9) my dear dear darling. please DO NOT bring me to go see fireworks with your friends again. we DON'T
click. ha. yes. we don't. but i still remember you holding my hand everywhere we went. ha. remember. we're les partners forever. ha. and. please. don't be so stupid as to stay with him forever. you've got to move on girl! be happy and live the life you wanna lead! dun let that bastard ruin your life! no good son of a bitch!

(10) and of course, i won't forget sweetheart. we were once the famous S.H.E. hottest, cutest, sexiest. haha. oh wells. anyways. i dunno wat's up with you and him so i better shut up. and ya. just do what is the best for you ok? dun be stupid and go hurt yourself again. and meet up soon ya? =) btw, i need you to help return jeremy's work stuff to vila bali. ha.

(11) and this person here. hmmmm. how to say lei. the fellow here is crazy. ha. he is a crazy ass. he likes to talk cock with me and vice versa. from dunno when he say he wanna move back to toa payoh still haven move. still come up with all excuse say what got a lot of things to move. all boils down to one word - lazy. ha. quitting smoking in progress? ha. dun worry. i'll help you alright. haha. you still haven take me for a ride yet. ha. dun worry, i will intro chole to you someday. ha. and please do not tell cassandra. it is already very bad as it is. ha. looking forward to late night suppers in toa payoh with you. ha.

The 5 honoured individuals
(1) doreen
(2) kimberly
(3) susanna
(4) hui xin
(5) ming liang

2nd tag:

Seven RANDOM facts about me:
(1) I am surrounded by crazy people.
(2) I wanna travel the world.
(3) I totally hate insects.
(4) I like jeong woo seong. woo!
(5) I can bend my thumb back t a 90 degree angle.
(6) I have the habit of peeling the skin off KFC chickens and eating them last.
(7) I will blow if i'm being maligned.

Seven things that scare me:
(1) insects
(2) dark
(3) ghost
(4) doreen's dog
(5) dirty stuff
(6) being alone
(7) myself

Seven favourite songs: (of the moment)
(1) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
(2) Who Knew - Pink
(3) Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
(4) Sway - Bic Runga
(5) Forever - The Veronicas
(6) When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas
(7) Confessions of A Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan

Seven things I like most:
(1) My iBook
(2) My Space
(3) Freedom
(4) Music
(5) Food
(6) White chocolate
(7) Retail therapy

Seven people to do this:
(1) Doreen
(2) Kimberly
(3) Susanna
(4) Hui Xin
(5) Berenice
(6) Kelda
(7) Ming Liang

danced on the moon at 10:31 pm.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i'm evil. oh yes i am. i 'tortured' all my juniors today. but! it's not as if i LIKED it. it's because they NEEDED it. i went back to band today. and. i dunno whether to say whether they are brave or stupid. their SYF choice piece is...erm...challenging. ha. if mr tan were still in the band, he definately would NOT make the band attempt such a piece. ha. oh well. new challenges are good. oh ho ho~

as i was saying, i'm NOT a all very happy with the band. for example, when i went back today, NO horn was there. wth? and my horn was pretty much stuck at the valves. even more wth. i bet if i checked all the horns there, they would all pretty much be malfunctioning. no, i'm not happy at all. and! where are all the things i bought for my section?! i spend so much money and time on them not for them to make lose it hor! kns. the next time i go back to band, they jolly well better show me all my stuff AND clear up all the horns man. wha, if i go spot check next time and still lidat, i get ALL of them to do punishment ah. PUMP THEM ALL!!! whahahaha~ oh wells.

the band's drills totally SUCKS! and i thought my batch was bad. one bad still got one bad bad. tsk tsk. so, i went to take things into my hand. oh ho ho~ all shall die under my hands! whahahaha! i made them do their drills in the sun. stand under the sun, do henta until they wanna peng san. but their standard is really lousy untilllllll. do little bit onli wanna die alr. kao. still dare to tell me summor. this is call never die before. if i really pump them, wha. they all die. next time man. next time. they dun improve then...whahahahahha~!

danced on the moon at 11:05 pm.

a day in sentosa with my dearest.

huge super star virgo.

check out the interior.

movenpick ice cream, mango margarita, singapore sling.

butterfly at the back of cable cars!


jeremy and me.

i dropped my slipper. haha.

oh what pretty legs i have.


now where do you think you're looking at?

glassbottom cable car.

danced on the moon at 12:18 pm.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm so sad. I'm SO SO sad. nobody can understand my sadness! why? WHY?! why must it be steve irwin? why did he die?! why can't it be someone like austin stevens or jeff corwin? WHY STEVE IRWIN?! i'm so sad! killed by a stingray out of all the animals! and it was plain suay that he died because a stingray's sting wasn't supposed to kill! SUPER suay that the stupid stingray's barb got his heart! idiot stingray. you'd better watch out. i'm gonna eat as many stingrays as i can. this is my new resolution. someday, i'll get you. why steve irwin?! WHY?! oh man. i'm so sad, i could cry! since dunno when i started watching his show on kids central and arts central then on animal planet. i was still watching his show today on animal planet know! OMG! i'm SO SO sad! they suspended all his shows on animal planet! what is this?! what what?! this is so saddening. it's so ironic he died while fliming his new documentary named 'ocean's deadliest'. oh, it's deadly alright. now he's dead. no more crocodile hunter, no more croc files, no more new breed vets with steve irwin, no more documentary of his! i'm so sad. I'M SO SO SAD.

danced on the moon at 9:37 pm.