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so good.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just a quick post about a few old books that I think are absolutely awesome and I just have to rave about them again.

1. A Walk to Remember

i had to watch the movie yet again last night with kym and geri for my script breakdown assignment. (i stayed over at geri's house with kym last night. hehe.)

okay i cheated. i'm suppose to read the movie script then break it down. not watch the movie. but the script was 123 pages long and i was only at page 16 at 1am in morning! so smart people use shortcuts. and anyway the funny thing is the final script for a walk to remember is actually different from the actual movie. huh. i wonder why.

but anyway! the thing is i want to say is a walk to remember is really damn awesome! as in seriously! i loved the movie then and i still love the movie now! it is just so sad and nice! but yes, the point is not the movie. the point is the book.

the book is really damn freaking awesome. haha. i swear. i LOVEEEE this book to the max. together with message in a bottle, the notebook... basically every other single book that he wrote, i read and i love. haha. ESPECIALLY message in a bottle. it is just so sad!

I think nicholas sparks is a really brilliant author for romantic novels! his novels are always so sad and heart wrenching yet at the same time so romantic and warm! i just loveeee his novels! and i don't care if you think romantic novels are trash. HIS BOOKS ARE AWESOME. hurhur. i recommend everyone go buy his books.

the movie for this book was actually shot really well and it really portrayed what the book was trying to say, unlike most adaptation movies where they really made the movie like shit. This one however, it is a REALLY good romantic, drama movie. and the most awesome part about the movie is that like with most awesome films, they have exceptional movie soundtracks and a walk to remember's OST is DAMN AWESOME! it is like one of the best movie OST ever! hurhur! totally love please! This movie is such a success! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! hurhur!

okay i admit some parts of the movie is really ridiculous. like how the male lead just SUDDENLY falls in love with the female lead and they are SUDDENLY an item. haha. and yes. their dialogues are a bit corny at times but yes i still love the movie. haha. and this is precisely why the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. hehe!

this is a convo i had with kym online last night after watching even though she was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME. hahaha!

hahaha! and yes. the final line is a line from the movie. hahaha! we're just amazed that 2 strangers can suddenly call each other baby. hahaha! and the breaking up part is us mocking an entry from FML. DON'T JUDGE US! haha!

2. The Five People You Meet In Heaven

unlike nicholas sparks whose forte are romance novels, mitch albom's novels are that of life basically. The meaning of life, love, family, etc. I know it sounds really boring like that but trust me, this book is hands down one of the BEST i have ever read and i just LOVEEEE this book so much! This book easily makes my favourite. even more than nicholas sparks cause this is just so good! i admit i like mitch albom's fiction books better than his non-fiction ones (tuesdays with morrie & have a little faith) but his fiction books are really deep and touching! and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside after reading even though it's basically just about life. This book is REALLY good and i REALLY wanna own it.

i shall go scout for this book in hard cover and buy it! hurhur! this book is really awesome and has some really good quotes! mitch albom is SUCH a genius for even thinking about stuff like that i swear. here's a few examples of my favourite quotes:
so awesome right?! my good. he is SOOOO good!

i have not watched the telemovie yet but i have it and i will watch it soon. =D and i think it is brilliant that they try to duplicate the ferris wheel from the book cover to the film poster. hahaha. give them 2 points for trying. =D

3. For One More Day

another awesome fiction novel by mitch album, this book is almost on par with the five people you meet in heaven. it gives you the same endearing feeling you get when you read the five people you meet in heaven and his writing is really superb in this book too. this is number 2 on my favourite book list and yes, i am going to buy this in hard cover too. hehe. awesome books are money well spent! =D

like the five people you meet in heaven, for one more day has a tele-movie made too. and no, i have not watched it and yes i do have it. haha. will tell you more when i finally get a chance to watch it! =D

and yes, even though i first raved about these books in sec school, i still love them all the same now and raving about them the second time makes it even better. haha! AWESOMENESS IS THESE BOOKS! =D


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the past will always haunt.
Saturday, September 26, 2009

蔡依林 你怎麼連話都說不清楚

i was just surfing youtube when i found this awesome song that jay chou sang at one of his concert because he composed it, then i found out that the original singer is jolin? so i went to look her her version la. and omg. you HAVE to watch it.

this video was taken in 2001, when she was 21 and i just was quite new to the scene? but anyway, the thing i wanna say is. WTF. jolin was like a freaking amateur la! There are SOOO many bad points I need to say!
  2. seeing that this is a slow song, i really have no freaking idea wtf is wrong with her. HELLO? you know slow? S-L-O-W? why the fuck does she have to act like she's black throughout the whole song and do inappropriate moves?! this is not a freaking nightclub and your dance moves are seriously retarded. MY GOD!
  3. and seriously? you don't look too sad for a slow song? AND you don't usually throw the mic to your audience for a slow song either please! again? S-L-O-W?!
  4. and honestly, the whole mtv wasn't even the live version, but anyway, i don't think her live version would sound nice anyway. see how amatuer she was? TOTALLY NO 感动度 at all please!
she's so retarded in this video i really don't know what to say. all i know was flat, fat, amateur and retarded then.

keeping in mind that she is now 29 and that video was when she was 21/22, i'd say by then one would've reached AND completed puberty right? so logically, she should even be growing breast after that to her "D" cup that she is now. and she OBVIOUSLY denies surgery, *rolls eyes* so i found evidence!


see the HUGE difference?

aiyo, witch on the right again! but aiya, look at her on the left? see her neh neh and cleavage? poor thing. like kena mosquito bite lidat. no wonder she needs her fake boobs. tsk tsk. okay la. give her la. haha. see she so poor thing. sigh. i also feel sad looking at her mosquito bites.

AND LOOK AT HER FACE! my good. totally different please! reminds me of ariel lin somehow.


ariel lin.

look like right?! her face was so round last time lo!

below are some photos i found of her on the net.

aiyo. why is her hair stick to her face? flat untilllllll.

AHHHHH!!!!!!! MONSTER!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH!!!!! OLD HAG!!!!!!!! *pukes and faints*

haha. okay la. obviously the 2nd photo was photoshopped to make her ugliness stand out but still! SCARYYYY!!!

anyway, here's what a singapore plastic surgeon think she's done:

POP princess Jolin Tsai has undergone five surgeries to enhance her looks. This was told by local aesthetic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu to Lianhe Wanbao.

Following the tremendous success of her first single “Living with the world”, which was released in 1999, Jolin has captured the hearts of Mandarin pop followers ever since.

But rumours of her change in physical appearance has also been rife.

Dr Wu pointed out that when Jolin first started her career in the entertainment industry, she looked very much like the typical China doll – the shape of her face was round and undefined.

“She’s got quite a pretty girl-next-door look, but she looked too innocent and childish.

“She looked like she lacked worldly experience,” told Dr Wu to Lianhe Wanbao.

Dr Wu told the Chinese evening daily that Jolin now looks more mature, her features are sharp, defined, proportionate and she now looks like the “conventional beauty”.

He pointed out five areas which he reckoned Jolin had aesthetic enhancements but he also disclaimed his speculations, saying that it could also be due to make-up techniques.

“We have to admit that make-up does wonders!”, said Dr Wu.

Here’s what Dr Wu thinks:

The bridge is obviously higher and it is definitely sharper. This has altered her entire look dramatically.

Her eyes are obviously larger now. This could be due to make up but if her eyes still look the same without make-up, then it definitely means that she did something to her eyes.

Upon close observation, Jolin used to have eyebags that were rather obvious, but now it seems like they have disappeared. It has also given her a “cleaner” and fresher look. Draining away excess fats in eyebags also causes the eyes to look larger and more natural.

Her lips look slightly fuller now. This could be due to lipstick but Jolin might have enhanced them.

“I don’t even need to look at her old pictures to guess that she probably needs some assistance there”, said Dr Wu. (HAHAHA! spot on! spot on!)

He pointed out that breast augmentation does not necessarily have to be done using breast implants – injections are also another way to make the breasts fuller.

However, Dr Wu noted that there are people who are slim yet well-endowed and Jolin might possibly be one of the “luckier” ones.

My ass! if she was one of the luckier ones then i must be a freaking four leaf clover! HAHA! anyway, seeing that i am on a roll on criticizing her already, here's another thing about her to laugh at.


please watch self explanatory video.

HAHAHA! so loser right? even the presenter's english is better than hers la! summor still need the presenter to step in and save her! my god! it's so sad, i just might cry. not saying that my english is very good. but at least mine's WAYYYYYY better than hers! god!

she doesn't even understand a single shit the person says and kei kiang trys to answer which therefore results in epic failure. haha! her answers don't even match the questions please!

AND! it's not like the guy is some real ang mor or whatever. HELLO? it's just a malaysian with a fake british accent? lidat she also cannot understand! i seriously think that her "english literature" uni cert is from some hoax online website. haha! AND PLEASE STOP WRITING AND PUBLISHING ENGLISH BOOKS FOR KIDS IN TAIWAN! YOU'RE GONNA FREAKING RUIN THEIR FUTURE! don't drag those poor things into your bad english world!

she even tried to teach other celebs english on national tv! and you know what she said? because the word for the day is hanger? and she totally taught them to say "i hanger my jeans and put them in the cupboard." or something like that, but HELLO?! HANGER MY JEANS?! WTF MAN! SERIOUSLY. JUST STOP!!! hanger = noun! not verb dumb!

another point to note is that if you can't speak or understand english that well, PLEASE don't try to speak with a fake american accent. it's just SOOOO revolting.

oh and just so you know? my eyes are rolled so far back into my sockets, they've made one way around.

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Friday, September 25, 2009



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new season, new shows.

i'm sure everyone knows that it is now currently the fall season and therefore = AWESOME tv shows are starting again! shows that i ALWAYS watch like grey's which is out in america already and will be available in a few hours time. HEHEHEE. and supernatural, psych, family guy, private practice, ghost whisperer, ugly betty, bones, criminal minds, blah blah and the list goes on. you catch my drift. AWESOME!

but with new seasons, there are bound to be new shows and currently on my list are the vampire diaries, glee, eastwick, cougar town and flashforward. the first two i was kinda being forced into because susanns shee had be bring it home. haha. and no i have not watched glee yet.

so for my entry today, i'm going to give my two cents worth of opinions on these new shows. haha. sound so professional sia. hahaha.


first up, the vampire diaries. i'm not too sure what to say about this show. i mean, sure vampires are always attractive to me but isn't it a little TOO overrated already? everything now just has to do with a vampire! NOTHING about the story line is fresh. vampire boy falls for human girl and vice versa. twilight anyone?

and don't get me wrong, i love twilight! but this is just too much vampire nonsense! at least have a fresh idea! i watched the first episode and kinda watched the second one with sana at her house and i have to admit that even though after the 1st episode ended, i was compelled to watch the second one, BUT! even if i didn't it's fine. there's just no oomph in the story. no wow factor at all and seriously it was actually kinda boring. the lead is not hot either, he's just so broody all the time and honestly, i think his eyebrows were working harder in the show then any other part of his body because he just HAS to look the broody vampire part. so wth?! ha.

BUT! with that being said, i have to admit that they did have an AWESOME soundtrack to their show. like seriously. best ever. AHAHAHA! i know the soundtrack is kinda not the point but still, at least it's a positive comment i have about the show! ALSO! ah see? second good point, i thought the scripting was really clever at the end of episode one. like how the guy and the girl are writing different things on their diaries but they MAGICALLY match each other's thoughts? haha. it's corny yes, but it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside after the show ended and the writer(s) wrote it really cleverly for it to weave perfectly like that. have to give my kudos to the sound editor cause it was really a great mix he/she did at the end. AWESOME. =D


i must say i "stumbled" upon this show while looking for my awesome criminal minds. =D haha. but yes, since it is also on the subject of the supernatural (not vampires thank god!) i decided that it was interesting enough for me to give it a shot. the show btw, is about witches and how they don't know who they are until the episode pilots of course. but yes, you get my point.


but yes, getting back to eastwick, it was okay. i wasn't totally sucked into it but it was fairly interesting enough to get me wanting for more. a little more than vampire diaries that's for sure. haha.

and as i was watching it just now, i noticed something...

erm, LIKE WHERE THE HELL IS THIS PERSON BEHIND THE DOOR?! so the story is the guy who supposedly is the devil, walks out of one of the witches house and he closes the door behind him, but do we see him anywhere in the shot? in the little gap between the curtains? NO! like wtf?! all we see is his driver (poor guy) standing by the roadside waiting for him and his freaking silhouette. i have no idea whether this is suppose to be an effect because he is the devil or something? but if it's not, isn't this too huge a boo boo to not notice?! i mean, the audience is going to look at this scene for at least one to two seconds! of course i had the pleasure of pausing and rewinding at my own leisure la. but still! sufficient for them to realise something fishy! so this is really interesting. i can't decide whether it's an error or an effect.. hmm.. what do you think?


this is actually the ONLY new series that i am really looking forward to. Cougar Town stars Courtney Cox and is Bill Lawrence is writer/exec producer/director. and this guy is AMAZING. he was writer/exec producer/director for Scrubs too and Scrubs is DEFINITELY one of my all time favourite TV series. so of course, i had high expectations for this show and its trailer was actually pretty funny!

so when i watched it today, i don't know if it is because i watched the many trailers of this show too many times that it became not as funny as it should be. and i find that they cut their scenes too abruptly. it's like they're trying to rush through the show so everything is just so compressed that it doesn't really flow as much as i would like it to. everything is just too sudden and it's like your looking at this situation now and suddenly BAM! we're moving on to the next problem! there isn't really a continuality you know? like everything is not properly thought out and it frankly is quite disappointing.

i don't know, maybe it's because it's the pilot and it was rushed? i seriously have no idea so i shall wait for episode 2 to come out and judge again.

i do however, really like the name of the show. which i totally forgot to mention is about a 40 something divorcee with a teenage son trying to put herself out in the market again. the show puts a lot of emphasis on age, like dating younger guys/girls. hence COUGAR town? ha. awesome word play.


i have totally no interest in this show. the only reason why it is here is because i have this show unfortunately because sana gave it to me AND people have been RAVING about this show for weeks. like seriously RAVING. like it is freaking awesome. to me, it looks just like high school musical all over again, where people dance and sing and act at the same time and people rave about but is not that awesome at all. ha.

okay, maybe i'm being too harsh, maybe i should watch it first and then criticize it. ha.


this looks like a really interesting show because of it's story line and john cho. HAHA! i secretly think he's cute. haha! it has yet to premiere so i'm just waiting now. but basically the storyline is about everyone on the planet blacking out at the same time for 60 secs or something and had this dream about their future, basically seeing their future la. hence flashforward? ha.

but yes, i don't really have high hopes for it though because for one, it KINDA looks like lost, which i have totally lost interest in because it was getting boring. just like how heroes is starting to get boring. but yeah. we'll see.

and there you have it, my analysis on the new fall shows. imma go bathe and sleep now. hurhur.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

seriously. WTF. i just came back from school because we had this compulsary event we had to attend. which is the private screening of the new movie "Darah" and OH MY FUCK. it was a total waste of my LIFE! my precious youth! just gone like that! ANGRY!

to find out more about this lame ass movie, please go to this website:

anyway HAN, i think you will totally like this film with rachel lo. enough gore for the both of you! ha.

and yes, this is the main drawback for me. THE FILM IS FUCKING GORY. SERIOUSLY. i kid you not. it's just fucking 2 hours of pure blood. okay the film is a little shorter than 2 hours but still. feels like an eternity to me. i felt that the movie was TOO long. too gross. i literally felt sick watching it.

and I HATE THIS KIND OF GENRE OF FILMS LO! fuck i didn't even catch "Saw" cause it's too gross! and i REFUSE to. serious.

okay, maybe i am bias. maybe i don't like it cause i don't even like the genre in the first place. but still. DO YOU NEED TO HAVE SO MUCH GORE AND BLOOD?! granted, it's a director's cut and the public probably won't get to see as much gore as i did, THANK GOD, but seriously, was all that mandatory? if I really wanted to see that much blood, i might as well go look at my period of 2 hours. at least then i'll feel much happier. ZZZ.

AND! i feel that the story has ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT AT ALL. okay la, maybe i am a bit too harsh. there is a storyline, but it's a fucking weak one. there. sounds much better. as in seriously, i roughly got the storyline, but most of the time it's just blood, blood and more blood. just mindless cutting up of people through out the whole movie. i mean, the background story of the movie isn't even brought up that well, and i still don't get why they are doing that and how they can live so long. like serious. i'm really clueless. ha.

BUT! after saying so much, at least the show was funny. haha. seriously. it was rather entertaining. especially when everyone just can't seem to die. hahaha. some scenes i'll just laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing is. ha. but yes, there is suppose to be elements of comedy in the movie too.


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here's an excerpt of my conversation between me and billy b. ong. haha!

haha! siao. crazy person. american air has made him bonkers.

please take a look at what this crazy person's pm is. he is trying to zhng the lyrics of lucky. -_-
EPIC FAIL PLS! haha! don't even sound like la! here's the original lyrics:

across the water, across the deep blue ocean,
under the open sky, oh my, baby i'm trying

you see?! where got sound like at all?! haha.

below are photos taken from sarah's blog.

yeah. my face is round like a fishball.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh my fuck i overslept. zzz.

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ooo, i am updating the world on my life!
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[edit] i have added a video of the SPV SYOGOC interns below! [edit]

HELLO! i am currently at home on a school day because i just had my flexible sigmoidoscopy & pile ligation surgery yesterday. T.T good news is i do not have cancer, bad news is my butt was and still is in agony. LET ME TELL YOU. IT IS FUCKING PAINFUL! THE FUCKING SEDATIVE DIDN'T WORK! CCB! all the fucking medication did was to make me slightly high and THAT IS ALL. fuck! i could feel every single thing the doctor was doing la! fucking pain la! sibeh tu lan. retards. TSKKKKKKK.

anyway, since i have some spare time on my hands, i have decided to blog. It seems like blogger is free from that stupid problem it was giving me the other time. good. blogger better stay problem free.

so so so! I BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP OF SCHOOL! AWESOME TO THE MAX PLS! =D a brand new 13" macbook pro with a 2.53GHz processor. the best part is it comes with snow leopard! woots! =D

the load of things that came with the package.

can you say AWESOME?! =D

so here's what my new desktop looks like. hehehe! yes! my laptop's name is NACHO! hurhurhur! and yes, my games folder is an essential part of my life. hurhurhur.

with hellos, there's bond to be goodbyes. so here it is. my ibook G4 who has been my best companion over this 3-4 years! old but sturdy! she is love! but i have to let her go because she is simply too slow for my new course. sigh! no say already. i is trying to sell her to someone nice who'll treat her good! any takers? haha.

so white, so good.

bye bye my love. =(

went out with the rest of the SYOGOC SPV interns cept for that shameless KELVIN KONG (yes you. i still remember. you still have to watch out. haha.) for nic and cst's farewell dinner. nic is going to UK for her studies and cst is going to BMT for 1 week. HAHA! we went to serene center for this shit ass french food and of course, ISLAND CREAMERY. =D

nicole. don't eat too much maggi mee in UK! your hair will drop! haha.

cst. look at his face wanna slap him already. ha.

samantha. so happy. haha.

hui qing! haha! act studious lo this one. haha.

cst is an epic failure as a camera man pls. -_-

yong xi and cst. sibeh guai lan. ha.

mr poo looks a tad psycho.

us girls.


yx and i are trying our best in imitating swee yong's expression. haha!


mr poo is mad! haha!

take care in UK! =)

moving on to random photos.

check out what my lecturer put for his photo. -_- haha! irritating!

valley girl yo. like omg! like awesome! amazingly my lecturer's film has become a pop culture. interesting.

below are photos taken using my AWESOME new macbook during ichat. haha!

jessica lee is mad. haha.

here's our beloved kelda in her school library! sibeh lok kok pls. -_-

simi lan jiao face lo she. haha.

much clearer shot of her and her QUT library. haha.

so on the subject of friends from down under, here's my convo with geri last night.

-_- WHY?! WHY IS SHE LIKE THAT?! *cries and runs away*

and wtf is awesomesauce lo! haha. nonsense.

yes i will. hahah! you have a problem with that kym? haha!


okay i am in a rush to go out. shall update with more random photos next time!

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